Deathly Secrets, Chapter XXVIII

Alexander watches a myriad of emotions parade upon Alina's face. She's considering the possibility of meeting him again, and the thought buoys his spirit more than...more than anything else he's known in quite some time.

For the first time in ages, the voices of failure that Alexander is so used to hearing are getting quieter. When he's with Alina, it's like he's the best he can be. It's like nothing else matters. He might be falling for Alina far too hard than he should be, but it feels so right...

And frankly, nothing has felt right in a really long time.

Alina crosses her arms and looks away. "Well," she said, "I guess I could meet again. Maybe not in the rain, though. Maybe where it's warmer. porch. I could bring blankets." She's rambling, and nothing seems more beautiful than the way she talks.

Oh, wow. Wow, wow, wow. Alexander's got it bad. So bad, in fact, he wonders if coming to Summeridge was a mistake. All he's known of love is that it destroys. It shreds confidences, hopes, morals, futures, and reputations. But to be loved by a creature so perfect as Alina...the idea isn't really that horrible. 

Oh, but then, Alexander remembers the words Miriam - the mother of his baby girl - said to him. The words that cut him down. The words that convinced him nobody could ever love him - and that if they did love him, it was only for their own purposes, their own agendas. Like lightning that splits a blackened sky, Alexander's hopes are broken. Miriam was right. Nobody could ever love him again. Not after what he'd done, so long ago. And Cassidy Hale, too. Really, Cassidy - his own "dear" aunt - had played so major a part in his downfall. 

It's uncanny, how evil the female race can turn out to be.

It's also uncanny, how much Alina seems to be different from them all.

Ramblings, really. These thoughts are ramblings. They probably don't make sense to you, but they make sense to Alexander.

Everything makes sense when you're teetering on the edge of maybe, possibly, slightly, minorly falling in love.

The End

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