Deathly Secrets, Chapter XXVII

Alina could not deny how scared she was, and she hoped it didn't show. Or else she hoped it showed so that the villain would start leaving her alone. Either option was good, in her opinion.

The criminal hesitated, then nodded. "Okay, then. My name is..." He paused, then looked away. "Alexander Hale."

The name was dramatic, and Alina found herself liking it. "Do you have a middle name?" she questioned.

"I'll tell you my full name if you tell me yours," the villain - no, Alexander - bargained.

It was getting colder and colder in the drizzle. Alina began to shiver, but she still kept her wits about her. "Why do you want my full name?"

A sly smile on his face, Alexander tilted his head and met Alina's eyes (rather charmingly).  "Well, why do you want my full name?"

"You're a criminal," Alina pointed out. "I'd like to know as much about you as possible."

"Alexander Hale is all you need to know. And you'll not be tricking any more information out of me, young lady."

"Such as your age?" Alina prodded.

"You'll certainly not be getting that out of me," Alexander said. "Although, I'd be interested in knowing how old you are."

Waving the question aside, Alina shivered again. "Mr. Hale," she asked, "do you have family?"

Alexander stiffened ever so slightly, and if Alina hadn't been looking for the action, she probably wouldn't have noticed it. "I thought I wasn't going to be giving you any more information, Miss Bryant."

"How do you even know my last name?" Alina inquired.

"The sign outside your home might've given me a clue," Alexander remarked, a rather disarming grin tickling his lips.

Ah, yes. Alina Bryant's Alterations. Alina blushed. I wish he'd stop smiling like that. It's...Alina snapped out of her thoughts. "It's getting cold. I think we should end the meeting for tonight."

"So we will meet one another again, then?"

The End

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