Deathly Secrets, Chapter XXVI

He really, really wants to impress her - which is strange, considering he's begun to destroy her beloved hometown.

Still, though, our villain decides aforehand that he won't forsake his task in Summeridge just for the sake of a pretty brunette. Snorting with disgust of himself, our criminal shoves his hands into his pockets and waits by the old shed, eyes scanning the area. Good. Looks like they're alone. Not that he expected anyone to be out here in the dead of night. And the slight drizzle lends well to the romantic mood. Not romantic, he then chides himself. Never romantic. Romance will only lead to trouble.

In the distance, he could see someone heading in his direction. Alina. So she wasn't breaking her promise, after all! Our villain feels a thrill race through his veins, despite his attempts to persuade himself that he really wouldn't have been that disappointed if Alina had decided not to come.

Alina is only a yard or so away from our villain when her foot slips. With a soft cry, she begins to fall, but - being nothing but a perfect gentleman, of course - our criminal catches her arm and helps her up, saving her from the fall. Alina offers a brave smile before crossing her arms tightly across her stomach and shivering.

"So, what's your name?"

Ah, bother. She hasn't forgotten his promise of telling her his name.

"Well," he responds, "that depends on if you're willing to keep a secret or not."

"Have I shown myself to be anything but?" Alina asks with a twitch of her eyebrow.

"No," says our dear villain, "but a criminal can never be too careful." His words are deliberate, meant to draw a line between himself and Alina. It's in both their best interests if he remains a criminal to her - and nothing more.

"Well..." Alina's voice trails off. After a moment, though, she continues. "Well, then, who are you?"

"My name starts with an A," our villain says, smiling.

Rolling her eyes, Alina lets out a teasing sigh of frustration. "We're going to play a guessing game, are we?"

"I'll give you three chances, and then I'll tell you."

"Okay." Alina begins. "Is your name Andrew, Abel, or Ashley?"

"No," he says, cheerful.

"You have to tell me now," Alina reminds our villain. "You said I only had to guess three names."

Our villain hesitates, then nods. "Okay, then. My name is..." He pauses.

The End

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