Deathly Secrets, Chapter XXI

Kendrick Hastings was not the type of person you'd expect to be ringing the bell in Summeridge, but he was, and he did. At eighteen, he was the type of young man that every young girl wanted to marry - and every mother hoped their daughter would not marry. 

Still, despite his immaturity and flirtatiousness, Kendrick really was...well, he was a sort of decent boy, and Alina's heart feel when she saw him standing there. Though he wasn't exactly a savory character, he was certainly not the worst of the Summeridge citizens.

But something seemed different...different from all the others.

The confession, like all others, was quick and received with much astonishment. Kendrick confessed to enjoying playing with girls' hearts, then leaving them behind to chase after someone else. Indeed, Alina had already suspected that Kendrick enjoyed doing so, but hearing the words fall from his mouth surprised her. It wasn't what he said that made her shocked, but the tone with which he said it. It was as though he enjoyed the confession. The words rolled off his tongue with a cockiness that Alina knew came from his heart.

"Kendrick," Alina whispered. "I never knew you could be so hateful." It made her wonder who else would be proud of their confession.

Summeridge is falling apart, Alina knew. There's nothing we can do to stop its downfall. I only wonder who's next.

Alina knew she wouldn't be able to find the villain, but still, her eyes scanned the square, hoping she would be able to identify him. No, she couldn't see him, but somehow...she knew he was watching. And she knew he was pleased.

Sickened, Alina shot one more glance at the prideful Kendrick before fleeing to her favorite thinking spot. The alterations could wait; she needed some time to sort her thoughts.

Her favorite thinking spot...was a run-down shed out in the middle of nowhere.

She didn't know that it happened to be the favorite thinking spot of someone else, too.

The End

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