Deathly Secrets, Chapter XX

Conner was in the middle of pouring one of his customers a drink when a man strode in. Oh, but it wasn't just ANY man - it was the man whom Conner least wanted to see.

The one who had been causing all the problems.

Swallowing hard, Conner finished serving his current customer before gesturing for the criminal to follow him into a backroom. The lousy villain did so, but not after scanning the room with those deathly eyes of his.

"What do you think you're doing here?" Conner raged. 

But his words were short lived, for the villain pulled out a gun that Conner hadn't even seen before then. "Hello, Conner. Let me guess - you were jealous about the note I left on Alina's door." With a sickening grin, the villain pressed the barrel of the gun against Conner's chest. "Don't worry. I'm not going to use this if I don't have to. But keep in mind that if I see any more of your fancy games, I will not hesitate to...well.." The criminal shoved the gun back and shrugged. "...kill you."

Conner clenched his hands into fists. "Listen to me. You will not hurt Alina. I'd risk my life for her. In fact, I already did, last night. You might think you've got a right to her, but all you've done for Alina is torment her with your - "

Raising a hand to stop Conner's words, the villain raised his eyebrows. "It makes no difference now. I'll leave another note on Alina's door tonight. Whether or not it stays there is up to you." He glanced at the clock hanging in the room. "Oh, well, I'd best be going. I've got some business to tend to."

The villain strode from the room.

It took Conner only a moment to figure out what the criminal was up to.

The bell in Summeridge square was ringing.

The End

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