Deathly Secrets, XVIII

Our villain is not happy.

No, not happy at all. In fact, he's livid. So livid that he thinks he'll probably do something stupid if he isn't careful. Something stupid like...the possibilities are endless. And the problem is, he wants to do every single one of them.

Why is he livid? Well, the answer is simple: he's livid with not only himself for being so ridiculous in leaving the note on Alina's door, but also at the slimy scum they call Conner O'Breen. Our villain had just walked back to the inn the night before when he'd realized that Conner was walking in the direction of Alina's home. Curious and somewhat jealous, he'd followed the saloon owner and watched him take down the note from Alina's door.

Our villain is really, really angry. Not happy at all...How dare Conner remove the note from Alina's door?!

You moron. Don't you see that anyone who messes with me pays a price?

Conner O'Breen, ol' pal, I'm afraid you've called for a showdown.

The End

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