Deathly Secrets, Chapter XVI

Conner O'Breen, owner of the O'Breen Saloon, paced back and forth inside the tiny room that joined the side of the saloon. He was supposed to be asleep at this late hour, but he couldn't find it within himself to keep his mind from whirling. What was going on in Summeridge? He'd been drafted into working for the villain, but was there more to the story than he understood? And was Alina herself hiding anything from him?

For a moment, Conner had the strange notion that perhaps Alina was just as evil as the criminal himself. Shaking his head, though, Conner muttered, "Alina wouldn't hurt a fly if her life depended on it." No, there was simply no way that Alina would be more involved with the villain than she admitted.

Unable to stand the confines of his room any longer, Conner shrugged on his coat and walked outside, breathing in the cool air that hit him the moment he stepped into it. For a long moment, he stood there in absolute silence. Finally, he sat down on the bench and crossed his arms. Times like this were perfect for just thinking.

And Conner certainly had alot to think about. Ever since his parents had died of a fever when he was twenty-three years old, Conner had wondered about eternity. Whether there was Someone or Something out there that governed the universe, Conner still wasn't sure. But there was one thing he knew: if there was a heaven, well...he sure wasn't headed there. His thirty years hadn't been spent in an exactly religious way.

But there are worse people than me, Conner reminded himself. Take the criminal, for example. I know quite a bit more about who that villain is than Alina does. Or anyone else here, for that matter. I know what he did at my saloon just under seven years ago. I know things even he probably doesn't know!

Suddenly jolted from his thoughts by a stirring on the main road in Summeridge, Conner squinted his eyes. Not too far from the saloon, a cloaked figure was making his way to the inn. Conner had a sudden, maybe even supernatural urge to check on Alina. 

When he got to Alina's home, Conner noticed a note in Alina's door. Grabbing it, he read the contents of the letter.

And then, Conner shoved the letter into his pocket. No sense letting Alina get into something that would likely hurt her.

The End

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