Deathly Secrets, Chapter XV


And our villain has a headache.

His headache isn't from anything but the constant voices of torment that he's usually used to. But tonight is different. Tonight, the voices are louder than usual.

It's not like he has a mental instability (though he's starting to wonder if he does). It's just that ever since he found out he was going to be a father, there have been voices in his mind that continually remind him how worthless he is.

Contrary to the voices, though, he isn't worthless. Too charming for his own good, definitely. And let's not forget what a successful villain he's been. His strength and determination, if used for the right purposes, could be very beneficial to the human race. Tonight, though, he must content himself with attaching a note to Alina's door.

There's a perfect little knothole in Alina's door that serves his purpose well. Our villain slips the small note into the knothole and backs up, looking at his work. From the outside, the slip of paper looks innocent. On the inside, though, our villain has given Alina directions. Not demands - directions. And those directions show how to get to a designated meeting place, where they'll rendezvous at midnight.

It's getting too dangerous, running around town at night. Oh, our villain has decided to secure a meeting place - a forsaken shed in the middle of nowhere, just a five-or-seven-minute walk from Alina's place. Cliched, maybe, but the rundown shed will serve its purpose remarkably well. Midnight it will be.

All our villain has to do now is wait at the shed. He'll wait there every night at midnight, just in case Alina decides to come. He hasn't told her that she must come, but if he knows her rightly, she'll come of her own free will.

He's written in the note that the point of their midnight meetings is to reveal his schemes to her. But he's actually trying to meet with her for a different reason.

A completely different reason.

He might be (just a little bit) falling for her.

The End

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