Deathly Secrets, Chapter XII

No, he hasn't ever MURDERED anyone, though he certainly isn't usually hesitant to use people to get what he wants.

But Alina...she's different. She's untarnished. Beautiful, even.

And that's saying alot, considering our villain hasn't found beauty in anything ever since his baby girl died of a fever. Not that he was ever really been there for his daughter or anything - by all accounts, he has no right to love her. He didn't marry her mother, and neither did he visit either of them very often. But you might wonder if he didn't visit his daughter because he didn't want to...or because he felt like he didn't deserve to. After all, he was a loser as a son, friend, and lover - why wouldn't he be a loser as a father, too?

In any case, our villain is greatly troubled by his past choices, and he doesn't want to love anyone or anything ever again. Granted, he's got a twisted perception on what love really is, but still. In the past, he's only been ruined by love. Take his daughter's mother, for example, and decide for yourself: does he even have the capability to love and be loved? Oh, he's pretty sure he's past the point of no return. 

Ach, he hates love. The only love he knows is the kind that he shoved away. And he can't go back and ask for it again, can he?

These random ramblings probably don't make much sense to you, and that's okay. They don't really make that much sense to him, either.

But overall, he's concluded that love (at least, love concerning him) is a mess. Always was, always will be. 

Why, then, does he feel a need to protect Alina from his own hateful schemes? It can't be a hint of love. At least, that's what he's telling himself. We'll see how much he actually believes it.

The End

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