Deathly Secrets, Chapter XI

The instructions were short and concise:

Search yourself, Alina. I will never call upon you to ring the bell, but if I'm right, you'll want to by the end of this.

Alina didn't understand why the criminal had delivered her this note in person, nor could she understand why she would ever, ever copy Molly's actions. Why, Alina didn't have a deep, dark secret!

And then, it dawned on Alina. She was aiding the enemy.That was a deep, dark secret. And if she guessed correctly, it was deeper and darker than any other secret in Summeridge.

Yet there was something else plaguing Alina, something she didn't want to confess was bothering her. It was the brokenness she had glimpsed in the villain's eyes - the fact that his eyes betrayed his weakness. It didn't make sense - how could anyone so heartless show such remorse? Or rather, how could anyone so sincere be capable of such cruel schemes?

Search yourself, Alina.

Tremblingly, Alina sat down heavily on her bed, suddenly overcome with weariness. Bowing her head, she whispered a desperate prayer - a plea that she would have courage to face whatever came her way.

After she laid her head on her pillow, it didn't take Alina long to drift into a fitful sleep. Had anyone been watching, they would have never guessed that only minutes ago, Alina had been in the company of the villain.

Actually, though, she still was. She just didn't know it. He was watching her through the window.

The End

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