Deathly Secrets, Chapter VII

Alina had come up with three options:

1. Confront Molly and ask her what exactly had been going on in Summeridge square (though by doing so, Alina could very well get herself in trouble with the unnamed villain).

2. Meet with Conner O'Breen and ask him what he knew about the criminal (though the only way Alina knew to meet with Conner was to go into his tavern, and it would surely raise suspicion if she, being such a young woman, would enter a tavern).

And lastly, 3. Tell the sheriff of Summeridge what was going on (though in doing so, the villain said Alina's action would result in many innocent townspeople in other towns getting killed).

The most practical choice, however, was one Alina didn't admit she was considering: Stay home and do absolutely nothing. And frankly, this last choice was the one that seemed most bearable to Alina.

However, being a young woman of impeccable virtue, Alina knew she had to do something. The criminal had explicitly stated not to tell the authorities, so that wasn't really an option. And if the man who had grabbed her in the square was who Alina thought he was - the trouble-maker himself - then Alina knew she couldn't visit Molly without serious consequences. It would appear that the safest choice would be to talk to Conner, as distasteful as the task seemed.

For several long minutes - or perhaps hours, even, from what she could tell - Alina sat at her tailoring table, numbly making alterations to one of her customer's shawls. The only thoughts that ran through her mind were thoughts concerning the problem on her hands, though she still couldn't come up with any sort of solution. Lord, help me...I can't bear all this responsibility...

Alina glanced at the grandfather clock in her tailoring room. It was only 1 o'clock. Just one hour had passed since Molly's devastating confession. Chills ran through Alina's body at the thought of her friend's terror...what had really been going on in the Summeridge square? Had Molly rung the bell of her own desire (which was extremely unlikely), or had she been forced to do so (which was extremely frightening)?.

A knock at the door caused Alina jump, pricking her finger with her needle.

She got up to answer the door.

The End

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