Deathly Secrets, Chapter V

Our villain doesn't have much patience, yet he forces himself to rehearse his plans one last time. As he sits on the rocking chair on Molly Jenkins' porch, he twirls his thumbs and tries his best to concentrate on the situation at hand. Yet it's all he can do to not leap from the rocking chair and rush into the home of his first victim.

Summeridge is a strange place, yes, but it's much like any other town when it comes to curfew. At 3:00 in the morning, nobody is out on the streets of Summeridge, and even if there is, Molly's house is so secluded that nobody could be able to see our villain where he sits.

Once he's satisfied with his plan, our villain knocks on the door. Plain and simple. In the past, he hasn't had much success with breaking in quietly, and knocking on the door works just fine with his type of criminal activity.

Clearly, Molly's taking her time coming to the door. Our villain is getting impatient - really impatient - so he knocks again, this time more urgently. Finally, he hears something going on inside Molly's home. Good thing that Molly lives alone, he thinksto himself. Otherwise, this would be alot trickier. 

Finally, a voice from within calls out hesitantly, "Who's there?"

"I'm so sorry for interrupting your sleep, but I have to talk to you. Now. Your life depends on it."

From inside, Molly gasps. Our villain smiles, but his smile fades as he realizes Molly still isn't opening the door.

"I mean it, Molly Jenkins. Open this door now." He pauses. "I've got a gun that I'm not afraid to use." 

Molly is obviously just as frightened as the rest of them, so she opens the door just a little. Her face is pale.

Our villain shoves open the door and storms inside. In one fluid motion, he has Molly pinned against the wall. "Now you listen to me, sweetie. I don't want to hurt you. The only thing I want to do is shake your world a little. If you do one simple thing for me, then I swear I won't hurt you."

Molly is quivering, and crystal tears threaten to pour from her eyes. Our villain can't deny the sense of shame he feels in treating such an innocent woman this way.

"Have I got your attention?"

The End

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