Deathly Secrets, Chapter IV

The next day was Sunday, and according to the Good Book, it was supposed to be holy. Yet Alina could hardly think of anything but the horrible deed she had just performed the day before. At first, she looked for Conner, hoping that she could perhaps talk to him and understand the situation a little more. Then, she remembered that Conner never came to church. Shuddering, Alina sat down in the pew that she always sat in. Beside her, Molly Jenkins, Alina's closest friend, sat down and whispered, "Hi, Alina. How's my partner in crime?"

Normally, Alina didn't mind being called a "partner-in-crime," but today, the phrase hit home. Blinking back her fear, she responded with a half-hearted, "Hi, Molly."

Molly squiggled those expressive eyebrows of her. "Yeah, how are you?" she repeated herself.

"I have a headache," Alina lied. Feeling guilty for lying, she tried to shrug away her friend's question, but Molly wouldn't let up.

"You seem nervous or something," Molly prodded. "What's wrong?"

For starters, I just gave your name, age, and address to an unnamed criminal. "I don't know. Work has been slow lately. People don't seem to need much tailoring done anymore."

Molly patted Alina's shoulder in sympathy. "I know the feeling. Well, kind of. My problem is that I miss James. He hasn't been over to court me in two days!"

If only my problem was so simple.

"But," Molly continued, "Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest. We can try to forget about our problems today. Let's focus on what Pastor Mullen is going to tell us today."

I only wish I could. Alina nodded at Molly's suggestion, but inside, she felt as though she was about to die. Maybe I am about to die, she thought grimly.

Alina opened her Bible and tried to concentrate on the message.

The End

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