Deathly Secrets, Chapter III

Of course, the idea of being seen in the O'Breen Saloon was extremely distasteful to Alina. As soon as she'd finished the list of fifteen names, approximate ages, and addresses, she shuddered, sealed the envelope, and made her way to the saloon. Hesitating outside the doorstep of the saloon, Alina absently shifted from foot to foot, afraid of what would await her. Would the mysterious criminal be inside the saloon, watching her? He's said he was watching her every move. And if she was supposed to give the list to the bartender, did that mean the bartender was part of the scheme, too?

All these thoughts took only a few moments to make their way through Alina's mind. Finally, jaw set in resolution, she stepped into the saloon, trying her hardest to look as though she knew exactly what she was doing. She wouldn't be surprised if the next day there were rumors about her being in such a "worldly place;" all she cared about was getting her job finished so that she could breath easily again.

Conner O'Breen, the bartender, was wiping off the counters with a rag, waiting to serve a customer. Alina met his eyes, and she could tell he was surprised to see such an innocent, gentle woman in his premises. When the surprise left his eyes, he raised his eyebrows and asked, "And what're you doing here, Miss Alina?"

Alina walked a little closer. "I-I've got something. For you," she stammered.

Conner's eyes underwent a small change, so subtle that if Alina hadn't been looking for it, she probably wouldn't have noticed. "Bring it here, please," he said in a voice so natural that Alina hoped it made up for her shaky voice.

Biting her lip and trying her best not to let here movements betray her fright, Alina handed the envelope to Conner. 

Conner opened his mouth, as if to say something, but another customer came in. With a nod to Alina, Conner went to wait on his patron.

I guess that's it, Alina thought, quickly exiting the saloon. 

Now, I guess I just have to wait.

From a table in the saloon, Mystery Man watched and smiled.

The End

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