She is running.From them.Will her secret be realved?Or will she carry on running for eternity?

I feel the blood rush to my head and my heart beat ever faster as I race towards the door. All I can hear is my footsteps and heavy breathing. How far now?Have they caught up? I block the questions as I slam the door behind me. I trip suddenly and fall onto the floor.My head races at the thought of being caught, I lift myself up and run again. Can't stop now, I can't be caught, not this time.

The feel of the sun's rays beating down on me relaxes me slightly.Although I'm outside, they will persist on chasing me.My eyes scan the area for them. Although none are out here, I can't stop. Can never stop. Just a little way back to the shelter. I've made it before, I can make it again.

Suddenly I stop dead in my tracks. Standing 6 feet away are two of them. They're wearing the trademark suit and hiding guns behind thier backs. With headsets in their ears and sunglasses on, I wasn't that surprised they hadn't seen me. But they would. I swivel round, facing my back to them and walk casually. For some reason that doesn't seem to be enough.I hear them walking and a shock of panic runs through my body.I turn left and when just out of view, I run so hard my legs feel numb. I can hear them running after me, loading thier pistols, ready to fire. Instincts make me jump off the path, and in to the road.


The End

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