3: ChocolateMature

It was four months ago that I died. I now live in a tiny flat with a zombie, two mini demons and a vampire.

'Mii! Mii!' One of the Mii's squaked, it swooped around my head, making me dizzy.

It's surprising that I live with the two people that killed me. I know it's odd, but I think were okay friends now. . .

'KATHERINE! DID YOU EAT MY CHOCOLATE!'Yelled a very angry Jack. 

'Um. . .no?'

'Liar! Chocolate is currently the only food, you, the ghost of this flat, can eat! Apart from McDonald's happy meals, but still ,that was from France!'Jack ranted.

'OK, I did eat it, but I was bored. And it was just here crying 'eat me, eat me!' I couldn't help my poor, dead self.' I pouted, pulling the puppy eyes.

'Whatever. And chocolate does not talk, I lived long enough to know!'He huffed. He sat next to me and patted around.

'What'chya looking for?'I asked.

'The remote.'

'I threw it out of the window.'


'I wanted to see if I could move things with my mind.'

'So you used the remote?!' He yelled.

'Yeah. Not on purpose, though. Go ask Lucy to go but a new one.'

'She's out already! Busy.' He said grumpily.

'What's she doing?'


'Oh.'I mumbled, feeling a little bad. I was kind of imposing on their house and kept on eating their chocolate, 'sorry.'

'It's not your fault, Katherine. You'll be all good once you've done your business and unlocked your door.'

I pursed my lips thoughtfully and sank deeper into their comfy leather sofa.

'Do you don't what really sucks about being dead?'I asked him.

'What?'He replied tiredly, staring at the blank TV screen.

'I never had sex.'

'What an inapropriate thing to say!' He splutterd.

'But it's true. I died never having sex and that sucks ass.' I groaned, 'it's not fair! I didn't even ask out the guy I like!'

'Well, I could kill him for you and then you could, y'know, bang as gh--'

'Out of the question! No way! You can't kill someone so I wont be a virgin anymore!'I cried, at that moment Lucy came in; looking at us both suspisiously.

'What're you guys on about?'

'Being a ghost-virgin.' 'Nothing.'

'Well. . . thats nice. I had a nice meal also. Do we have any beer in the fridge?'She grunted.

'Sorry, only red wine.' Jack said pompously.

'You and your wine. . .'She hissed, stomping to her room.

'This sucks.'I mumbled, 'I want more chocolate. . .'

The End

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