2: The Zombie, The Vampire and The Ghost.Mature

'Ugh. . .'I grunted as I sat up. My mind quickly adjusted and my hand went to my neck, I patted around but I couldn't find any blood.

'Oh, fuck. She came back.' A dudes voice groaned.

'Heck yeah she did. She's probably a vengeful spirit t now.' Mumbled Lucy's voice.


'Oh, she wants me? Yeah, honey?'

'. . .AH SHIT! STAY AWAY FROM ME YOU MONSTER!'I yelled, jumping away quickly; I fell back into a wall. . .and went through it, 'AHHHHHHH!! I WENT THROUGH THE WALL!!'

'Well done clever-clogs.' Muttered the crazy ginger.

'You! You! What. . .' I looked at him, and saw my. .. my. . . 'FUCK! I'M DEAD?! WHAT THE HECK?! I'M DEAD!?'

'Yes, yes you are. Lucy, she doesn't appear to be a evil spirit, what should we do with her?' Asked the redhead boredly.

'Shall we keep her?'

'I'M NOT A FREAKIN' PET!' I yelled at her, she just ignored me.


'I know how to get her to stay. . .' The redhead mumbled, fumbling with something in his pocket.

'You don't mean?'

'Um. . .no to kill your buzz or nothin', but why is there a key hanging from the back of my neck?' I asked, trying to catch the floating item.

'It's the key you open your door with when your ready to move on, it appears you still have unfinished business on Earth. There!' He declaired, his pocket burst open and two white things flew out.

'Mii! Mii!' They squeaked, swirling around my head.

'Aw'h! So cute! So cute!' I cried, staring at the white, adorably floating things.

'You can have the Mii's if you stay with us.' Lucy stated, 'besides, Jack only attacked you because he was starving. And I only ate you because ---'

'Ew! Ew! That's just too weird. It's fucking-ass crazy that I'm dead, but a ghost, and I don't get what going on.' I yelled, 'you, Lizzie and I were just going out to Marcie's house when poof ginger ninja here comes out and bites me, then you came out saying you killed Lizzie and then.  ..a-a-a-a-'

'Ate you.'

'Yeah that. Now I've got a weird ass key dangling from the back of my neck and now. . .and now. ..fuck. Am I really dead?' I blurted, panting a little.

'Yes you are. It's okay; your in safe hands now,' I snorted at him, 'and I'm Jack  not 'redhead' or 'ginger ninja'. Thank you very much.'

'Whatever. So I'm part of your dead gang now? And, you gotta know this, I'm only joining this thing because of these freaking cute "Mii" things and because I don't have a fucking clue whats going on. Now I don't care if your a dick about it, just, please, explain to me whats going on!'I shouted at them.

'Fine. . . I was hungry, so I drank your blood. But you were Lucy's prey and I din't know that, so she ate that other chick and then came back to have a munch on you. Now your only choice is to stick with us or be eaten by Soul Snatchers. And your 'key' is to unlock your Door of Death when your time comes. So I've decided I've taken a interest in you, Katherine, and I'm going to help you finish your business on Earth to help you pass on.' He told me in one breath.

'So I'm dead and. . .and my only option is to stick with a . ..vampire and a cannibal--'

'I'm a zombie.'

'And a zombie then?'


'Fun times.'


'Should I just suck it up?'


'I'm stuck here until my duties on Earth are done?'



The End

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