Death ZoneMature

Katherine didn't know what hit her. Pain, lots of pain then she was hungry.

'C'mon Kath! Were off!' Lizzie called from the bottom of the street; they were already so far ahead!

'I'm coming, just texting my sis to say I'm not coming home tonight!'I yelled, 'I'll catch up!'

I fumbled with my phone, shaking. The frozen air was getting to me, sinking into my bones. 

'Shit!' I cursed as I dropped my phone; it cracked in half.

'Are you okay?'A dude who was walking up behind me asked. His flaming ginger hair still practically glowed in the dark. And his eyes? What a freak, did he wear red contacts.

'Um. Yeah! I was just about to go catch up with my mates, so I'll be off now!' I smiled quickly, my voice going high, sweet and polite. I started walking away swiftly 'cause I'd heard about rapist's and stuff.

'You not going anywhere!' He growled, his big, strong hands clutched onto my neck and covered my mouth; so I couldn't scream.

I struggled furiously; it hurt! Was I going to die? Was my life really going to be ended by a redheaded rapist? 

No! No! Don't kill me! I wanted to yell, but his hand was clamped tight over my mouth and I couldn't breathe. 

The ginger flipped me onto my back and I smashed my head against the pavement, it hurt. . . a lot. I felt sticky wetness on the back of my hair. Soon, I felt dizzy and I couldn't focus my eyes on my killer.

I was going to die, I wanted to do so many things! I was going to ask out the guy I liked, I hadn't even handed in my maths homework! I didn't wanna die. This wasn't fair!

The blood flowed out around my head, I felt as though I was floating in a pool of water.

He removed his hand from my mouth, I tried to gasp in breath; but I felt too sick. My killer tilted up my head and I felt him move closer to my neck. Oh fuck! This dude was one of those cult followers?

I was going to be freaking drained dry by a crazy fucker.

Nice. This made my death feels a whole lot better. Why not a knife? Or a gun? Why did it have to be a goth-vampire-person-thing?!

'Shit! Crap, no! OW! THAT FUCKING HURTS! GET OFF! NO!' I shrieked as his somewhat sharp teeth tore the skin on my neck, ripping it off.

It hurt. It really hurt; the pain didn't ease as the crazy dude ripped the rest of my skin off, I could hear him slurping. . .It was nasty. I wanted to die already! DIE DAMN BODY! DIE! GET RID OF THIS PAIN!!

'No. . .I'm going to kill you slowly for struggling!' He cackled, poking his dirty fingers into my new wounds.

'PLEASE! KILL ME ALREADY! OW! IT FREAKING HURTS! SHIT! FUCK! STOP! OW! AHHH!!' I screamed, writhing around. Just kill me! Why don't you  kill me?!

Why weren't my friends coming?! Where were they?!

'Kath! KATHERINE! SHIT!'Lucy shouted as she sped round the corner. Finally she was here, she kicked the bastard that was on top of me, 'what're you doing, Jack!? You said you wouldn't kill my mates! You utter dick! I was going to save this one for myself!'

Huh--? What? Was Lucy in on this?! What the fuck?!

'As if I'd make a promise to a freakin' zombie like you!' My killer snorted to Lucy.

'Ugh! Ow! Lucy--? He. . .help. .. it hu. . .it hurts. . .'I gurgled, gore sliding from my neck to the pavement; blood dripping from my numb lips.

'Oh my god! You could have made her feel less pain, Jack. Seriously, she was one of my favourites! Can I finish it quickly?' She huffed, putting her hands on her hips.

'Jack' nodded and stepped away from my messed up body.

I stared at Lucy's face and the tears of pain and anguish kept falling. She looked a little sad, 'don't worry, Kath. Lizzie's already dead, you don't have to worry about her.' Lucy smiled, trying to console me.

'You. . .' I panted, it was hard to talk, 'you. . .craz. . .you crazy. . .fucker. . .'

She giggled and I heard a sickening chomp and the pain ceased to be.

The End

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