The Corruption

“From that point on things kind of went downhill for me.”

            “Wait a second,” David interrupted, “What ever happened with you in Michael’s room?”

            “What does that matter?”

            “Well, you started to tell a story and you didn’t exactly finish it.”

            Death Wish shrugged, “It really doesn’t need an ending. I was just telling you that so you could kind of understand the relationship between me and Mikey. You know, characterization.”

            “So nothing happened?”

            “Dear God,” Death Wish sighed, “What were you expecting? Marathon sex? You pervert. No, nothing happened. I got up the next morning and left. Besides, that doesn’t matter. Now we’re going to talk about the stuff that really matters.”


            So, as I was saying, things kind of went downhill at that point. My parents got a divorce and I really stopped giving a crap about school and responsibility and all that stuff. I dunno why it was such a big deal to me, I mean, Mikey was right, half of all marriages end in divorce. I guess I was just so used to being on top of things, being the smart one that knew all the answers and being used to having so much control over everything in my life that the divorce really just shocked me. It took away my control and I didn’t like that. I sound kind of like a shrink, don’t I? Anyways, so, I decided to gain back some of the control my parents had taken away from me by rebelling.

            “It didn’t take me long to figure out that if I took some time on my hair, wore makeup, and bought a pushup bra that I wasn’t exactly horrendous looking,” Death Wish laughed and ran her fingers over the long scar on her face, when she laughed it was made even deeper and the corner or her mouth was tugged up even more, “As hard as that is to believe now,” she continued to caress the scar on her face, “this was in the days before I got this.”

            Anyways, so I also figured out that if I stopped answering questions in class and being “the smart kid” that, with my new looks, a whole lot more people found me interesting. I started to get invited to parties and I, of course, went to them. I hardly ever saw Michael, who basically had been my best and only friend, and because my parents were so wrapped up in their own problems they barely noticed how low my grades were dropping. I started drinking, something I never would have even dreamed of doing before, dabbled into weed but was still too much of a goodie goodie at heart to ever get too much into it.

            More importantly really than any of that, I discovered boys, and I discovered them fast. I was finally pretty and guys that I had never thought would even look at me started to ask me out, or rather, ask to hook up. I think that I had really become one of “those” girls. I wasn’t girlfriend material really. I had skipped from being completely unnoticed right to being a slut. And, I mean, I was a slut. But then again, I wasn’t. I never actually did it did it, as much as the rumors flew around school. I wasn’t that far gone, really. I mean, I did plenty of other things that were questionable, but I never actually went all the way. I was the epitome of the tease.

            “Am I making you uncomfortable,” Death Wish gave a half-cocked grin when she saw how red David’s face was, “Come on, you’re a big boy, went to college and everything.”

            David pretended to be completely immersed in the notes he had scrawled.

            “Aww, you’re no fun,” Death Wish whined.

            Anyways, that was the gist of it all. The typical teenage rebellion. I wanted to be accepted, to be loved after my parents basically ripped my life apart and I found that acceptance in the most horribly clichéd way imaginable. I don’t really think I realized how much I had changed until my birthday rolled around. Now, see, this is going to be one of those little characterization stories I was talking about earlier, so get ready and accept the fact there’s not going to be an uber exciting ending to it.

The End

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