The Interview Begins

  1. "So, what exactly did you want to ask me?" Death Wish asked.
  2. "Uhhh..." David fumbled around in the pockets of the blazer he had just folded, looking for his notebook. He couldn't find it. He had left it at home in his nervous fluster.
  3. "Wow, you're a five star reporter, I must say," Death Wish commented wryly, "I'm dazzled. Do you need a piece of paper?"
  4. David nodded. He could feel his cheeks burning. He was the only person he knew of who had been allowed to interview the reclusive superhero and he was blowing his chance.
  5. Death Wish sighed loudly, "You're lucky you're cute," she swung her legs around from the chair arm and onto the ground.
  6. She walked back to the kitchen area, humming a little under her breath. David watched her walk. She had the slight slouch and confident ambling strut of a teenager. She took a notepad and pen from beside the sink and slouched back towards the chair. She tossed the notepad at David and it landed in his lap; the pen followed. On the top of the pad was a scrawled grocery list 'hot pockets, vitamin water, pudding'. He turned the page to a fresh sheet decorated with music notes and the title 'Chopin Liszt' at the top.
  7. "That's funny," and he giggled a little bit before realizing he sounded like a little girl, "Chopin Liszt."
  8. "Yep," Death Wish took another sip from her water, "That's the point."
  9. David was embarrassed again and looked down at his notepad.
  10. "So...are we going to start this?" Death Wish asked.
  11. "Sure," David fumbled mentally for some of the questions he had come up with earlier to ask her, "...well, to said you didn't like to be called Death Wish, so what's your real name?"
  12. Death Wish chuckled, "Do you really expect me to tell you that? Jesus, you jumped right to the chase didn't you? I don't have a name. Next question."
  13. "Well you have to have a job other than fighting crime. I'm sure my readers would love to know what their hero does for a living..."
  14. "Nope, I don't work. I steal money from the pockets of the bad guys I take down. Obviously that's the reason why I'm a superhero. Smart theft."
  15. David's hand was sweating around the pen he had a death grip. She was toying with him. Was she going to actually tell him anything or just taunt him, make fun of him?
  16. "Well, what do you do in your spare time?" he asked in desperation.
  17. "Kill babies."
  18. David stood up before he realized what he was doing, "Why did you even bother letting me in for an interview if you're not going to actually give me straight answers! I'm a serious reporter...damn it!"
  19. She said nothing and looked completely impassive. Well, other than for her half smile, "You're not asking the right questions," she said calmly.
  20. David did notice that the acerbic bite to her voice had abated somewhat. He blushed and sat back down in the old armchair, "What do you want to tell me?"
  21. "There we go," Death Wish grinned, the pitted scar that marred her face deepened, "I knew you were smart. You asked the right question."
  22. David was desperately confused, but he didn't want to question the woman. He had never had much luck with women. Maybe this was why.
  23. "Let's see," Death Wish murmured, "Where should I start," she muttered under her breath, "more like what do I want to tell you..."
  24. She looked at David, tilting her head to the side and looking at him, sizing him up, "This just might be your lucky day, Mr. Big Shot Reporter. I think I'm going to tell you everything."
  25. "Everything? But you wouldn't tell me all those things before..."
    "Of course I don't mean everything everything. I mean I'll tell you only the things I want to tell you."
  26. This was an exceptionally confusing woman. David yet again decided not to question.
  27. "This whole story starts about ehh...six years ago. I was seventeen years old, a junior in high school. I had a normal family life, normal life in general in fact. My parents were still together, I was an only child, I had good grades and went to a good school. You know, just boring teenage stuff..."
  28. The sound of a vibrating phone cut Death Wish off mid-sentence. Quickly, she picked  it up.
  29. "Yeah Mayor...I'll be there..." It was a quick conversation and she closed the phone.
  30. "Well, I know you're just dying for this interview, and I hate to be the bad guy, but I have official superhero stuff to take care of," she squinted at him, "I should be back in about an hour. I'm going to leave you here. You mess with anything, steal anything, do anything that might even piss me off even just a little bit and you'll regret it. They call me Death Wish for a reason. I'll be back soon."
  31. She went over beside the door and slipped into a pair of tennis shoes. Then, she reached into an old copper umbrella holder and pulled out a machete. Then she mock saluted David and stepped out the door.
  32. David just stood there dumbly and blinked. What had just happened?


The End

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