Familiar FacesMature


Once Hayden and I came to an understanding, we developed an accidental friendship of sorts. I spent the last few days of summer vacation at the Spencer's house. I didn't mind soaking up rays in their ridiculously overdone pool. Anything seemed better than being in my father's creepy lair, with the house staff watching my every move. I even managed to distract myself long enough to keep out of trouble. Hayden and her brother Noah set up a horseshoe pit in the back yard and taught me how to throw.

“Maybe I can snag myself a lady friend and we can actually play with equal teams.” Noah complained tired of being beaten by us so easily.

“Come on Cole isn't even that good if anything he's a disadvantage, so I'd say we're pretty equal.” Hayden said teasingly. I reached out to give her a brotherly shove, but her eyes grew wide. I stopped myself before I touched her. Instead I changed my motive and scolded her, “Your going to be eating your words soon Spencer.” Noah was giving us a weird look. He noticed our resistance towards each other. Our no physical contact rule shouldn't have raised too much suspicion. Most friends didn't go around groping each other, yet I felt him glancing over at us from time to time when we got caught in a moment like this one.

I stepped one foot forward and tossed my horseshoe high into the air, it landed perfectly, the stake in the dead center of it. “Ringer!” I shouted loudly in Hayden's ear. Than something happened instantaneously.... She put her hand on my chest in a light gesture. Only meaning to get me out of her personal space. Instead she took me to a whole other world altogether.....

It was the women in the wedding dress again. Her smile told her she was much more happy to see me than I was to see her. “Where have you been?”

The sound of her voice was jarring,amplified in my head. Never before have the spirits been able to talk to me. They've tried in the past, but actually hearing them was something new. I wasn't sure I wanted to hear the screaming, the blood dripping onto the floor.

Now that we could communicate, I'd be demanding answers. “What do you people want?!”

The gaze drifted downward, at the abyss. She had been much gentler than the other spirits, I should have been kinder.

“Cole, you can hear me now?”


Her smile was pleasant, “ Your growing stronger. It's the bond.”

I racked my brain for the word...bond... “J-James?”

She laughed. Good at least this person had died in this century.

“The bond you have with my daughter, she doesn't know it yet but she has a-

“Woah!” I shouted, my hands in surrender, “Back up lady. The only bonds I have are with the bank of America, anything else is non existent, let alone your daughter. You guys have the wrong person.”

“Is your name Nicolas Heirenton?”

  • “Yea, that's me but.”

A large bell rang somewhere in the distance of her world. “I have to go, we will be in touch soon.”

The End

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