Into the abyssMature


I was twelve when I had my first encounter with a spirit. I was doing something as ordinary as playing a video game in my bedroom, but for whatever reason I was targeted. Suddenly I was no longer looking at the screen of the television, but the screen that was pulled over my eyes. My vision clouded with dark smoke. I blinked hoping I was just blacking out. I wasn't but I had the sensation of falling. I dropped down into an abyss, I could sense another presence.

I turned around and I was facing a man I had never met before. He was maybe in his early forties, long ragged hair and nondescript rags covered his body. He didn't notice me right away, but once he did things quickly turned chaotic.

The man kicked at an invisible barrier that separated us. I couldn't hear a word he was saying but I could tell from the stab wounds through his chest that he was dead. He was yelling at me, or yelling for me. I couldn't tell. I could only see his mouth moving. I couldn't hear a sound. Maybe I was supposed to help him. I didn't, there was no way I could. He continued kicking at the barrier, starring me down like I was fresh meat. He a prisoner, trapped in a dimension that I couldn't access.

At first I was truly convinced my mind had been warped by Grand theft auto, even if I knew there was something more going on in the back of my mind I ignored it. Days later I had another incident with the man, not knowing what else to do I waited it out, until I snapped back to reality. And that was the end of it, at least for two years.

I was at my Grandfather's funeral of all places, it was a closed casket service . I felt the familiar pull of something from the other side. I tried thinking of something that would keep me plugged into this world and far away from the spirit man, of course there was nothing that I could do. I was sucked in again, and this time it wasn't the man in rags I was facing. It was my Grandfather. This time I was the one doing all the kicking and screaming. It's one thing too see a dead stranger, and it's an entirely different story to see your Grandfather covered in blood and plagued with death. My Grandfather didn't die of natural causes , but from a head on automobile collision. It was a brutal sight. I screamed for the duration of my visit in the spirit world. When I came to I was still screaming, my mom and some more of my relatives had gathered around me with concerned expressions on their faces. My mom took me home and chalked up my odd behavior to anxiety and post traumatic stress.

After the incident at the funeral I did everything I could think of to stay in this world. I closed my mind off to the spirit world with booze, was constantly distracting myself. I put up mental barrier between myself and the spirits, so they could never steal me away again. Up until last week it had worked. That's when Hayden reached out to me after the pool incident, and than just yesterday at Walmart. It had been the women in the wedding dress again. This time it was more intense. I couldn't hear her, no, but I could read her thoughts and feel her emotions as if they were my own. The sorrow of her leaving this world to the unknown, the loneliness that hollowed her chest, and lastly the desperation of not being able to breath, although she was no longer required to breath in the spirit world.

I came back once Hayden released me from her touch. After being free of the dead for over two years, and having two encounters with them in just this last week, each time in Hayden's presence,.I knew it had to be more than a coincidence.

Last week I knew Hayden was connected to the spirits somehow. The spirit in the wedding dress- her eyes had been the same as Hayden's very unique soulful brown ones. My gut was telling me, it was more than a coincidence, no matter how much I wanted to believe otherwise.

So now I guess the good news is she wants nothing more to do with me, the bad news is she thinks I'm some kind of sociopath jerk, encouraging her to commit suicide. I groan inwardly and open the door to my balcony. It's still very early. The sun hasn't even come up yet, it's safe to assume Hayden will be in her room.

The End

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