" Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep."Mature


I'm scoping out the neighbors yard hoping to find and pawn some of those fancy lawn ornaments that nobody really needs or likes. Than I notice the girl from last night in the pool, I start to back away but than I hear her call out frantically for her mother. I look around there's nobody around to answer her back. I stay obscured in the bushes hoping to catch a glimpse of her mother.
The girl goes under and doesn't resurface for a long time. The only motion in the water is from the fountain. I curse, before running over there in a mad dash. I jump in the water swimming to the limp figure, my heavy clothes slow me down some but once I spot the girl I waste no time hauling her out of the water.
"Help!" I call out once I realize she's not breathing. Even in the California heat her lips turn blue. I nervously run my hands through my wet hair. "Help!" I shout again. I gather her tiny frame into my arms hoping to keep her warm. Gently I set her down on the lawn. I never performed CPR but I learned how to do it last summer, when I worked as a lifeguard at the local pool.
I plug her nose and bring my mouth to hers breathing air into her lungs, I stop and press down on her chest a couple times hoping I'm doing this right I repeat this cycle until, a boy comes rushing to us just as the girl begins to spit up water.
"Hayden!" He shouts, nudging me out of the way to get to her, She's still choking up chlorinated water when he helps her sit up. He takes off his shirt and wraps it around her. I help him lead her into the house, although I'm sure he can handle it, I can't help but follow.
"What the hell is wrong with you Hayden?" he demands once she is breathing in a normal pattern again.
She shakes her head, at loss for words so I cut in.
"She was waiting for her mother. But she really shouldn't be in that pool alone if she can't swim."
The boy who I assume is her brother gives her a weird look and looks back down at the girl. I notice that she averts her eyes unwilling to meet his gaze.
"She can swim fine." The boy who I presume is her brother or some sort of relative states..
"That's not what it looked like from where I was standing."
The brother turns on me. "Where exactly were you standing and who the hell are you anyways?!"
I avoid the question. "Your welcome for saving her life."
He sighs, "Thank you." He sounds distraught.
“Whatever.” I turn to leave, but the girl speaks up.
“What's your name?” She asks.
"Cole.” I reply dryly.
" I'm Hayden.” She reaches out her hand politely. It's a formal gesture for someone who was shouting like a maniac in her pool ten minutes ago. I reach out to shake her hand. Instantly I'm overcome with a chill and everything goes black.
My first thought is that I passed out, maybe from the CPR I performed. A figure rushes towards me. A women who looks to be in her late thirties, about the same age as my mom. She's dressed in a wedding gown and wears a string of pearls around her neck. Her auburn hair is twisted in an elegant bun. She's pale like a faded newspaper photo. The only thing that sticks out is the red of her lipstick.
Her mouth moves rapidly, but I can't hear a word she's saying I shake my head in disbelief. She comes closer to me. Her innocent brown eyes fill my vision. She begins to speak, and I can hear it this time though the words are struggled. “Listen to-
I don't catch the rest of her message. It's as if someone flipped the light back on and shut her off. I'm back in the neighbor's living room starring into the same pair of brown eyes. At least that's what I think until I'm able to focus my vision better. It's Hayden I'm starring at, her hand I'm clutching. Only this time it's not as cold as death.

The End

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