Making WayMature


Jerry Barnstein was an asshole, so I didn't feel all that bad breaking into his office with a dead skunk, that was until I was caught by the police. I was used to being cuffed and brought home to my father.

Dad was the mayor of Sunnyville, and the cops were in his good graces. In spite of my efforts to get under my father's skin later that night I only earn a dirty look. Not even one worth as my crime. He simply looks like he is going to reprimand me for not eating my vegetables. Before either of us could say anything his phone rings. He looks at his caller I.D.

" I don't have time for this Cole." He says dismissively before heading upstairs. Julia, one of the maids brings me my dinner. I’m more than capable of getting it myself, my father refuses to let me. He likes order in his life and in his kitchen and says I'd only disrupt that.

I've lived here for two months, my mom said there were things in life that she just couldn't teach me as well as my father could. She didn't specify which things but If she meant my father could give me a crash course on ignoring and patronizing people then she was absolutely right.

I sit at the table longer than necessary, Julia clears my plate I smile politely, she smirks at me before walking away. I could never get over the embarrassment of having someone wait on me at my own house. I couldn't even get my mother to bring me food unless I was sick, "That's why God gave you legs", she'd say. Those were usually the only God references in our house, mom was more spiritual than religious a bit of a hippie; incense, peace signs, holistic healing, the whole package sorts of things that beg the question of what did she see in my father?

My parents were never married, just a spring fling type deal. My mother raised me alone in a cramped but homey apartment things were simple. I miss simple. This mansion with it's ugly European paintings is anything but simple.

No matter how hard I try my father won't crack and send me back to my mother. The man has iron will to keep me here under the circumstances. I'm not sure why he puts up with me, I've been a pain in the ass since I arrived here and realized how much I hate this place. This house is immaculate in a creepy way, the extent of the order freaks me out, so much that I've made a daily routine out of tilting a painting or displacing a book out of it's alphabetized positioning. Of course the maid staff is on my heels all the time to put things back in order.

I rest my head in my hands thinking about my next move like a prisoner planing their escape. I long to be somewhere else, hell anywhere else would be fine. Pathetically I make my way back up to my bedroom, I plop myself down on my ugly overstuffed,overpriced four poster bed I'm about to close my eyes when I notice a light on outside my window.

The property spans acres in one direction and is practically humping a house in the other. The architects didn't think that one through, I step onto my princess balcony to observe closer. The new neighbors had just moved in earlier today. I honestly shouldn't care, the neighborhood consists of men who wear penny loafers and their plastic barbie doll wives. It's pretty much the protocol to live in one of these estates.

I strain my eyes hoping to catch a glimpse of someone. I spot a feminine figure. She has her back turned to me. All I I see is her long brown hair, that falls down her back like a cloak. It's streaked with blonde highlight like caramel. She's fully clothed I can tell she has a good figure. I’m hoping to catch her eye as I'm leaning over the balcony. I'm expecting someone’s trophy wife; left on a shelf gathering dust, eager for attention. Only it's a girl who turns around, a teenage girl. She has eyes like Bambi. Beautiful sad brown eyes. I wonder if she will hate this place as much as I do. She suddenly realizes she's being watched, and flips me the bird before closing the blinds.

The End

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