I silently went and sat on a kinda cold swing. The next thing I know they all burst into this dance and at the end they all shouted happy birthday! Then and there I knew something was up. I stood up and went over to jack, I stared at him for a while and he gave me this really horrible kiss. I pretended I was alright and then took farmers hand and we went round the back of this building. I stood there for a second and stared at him. He look at me strangley. and said "What?" that was the last straw I got so angry and then. I managed to calm myself down before saying. "Whats this all about?"

He replied " We're out. theres no more left and well. your the only one who has money."

Automaticly I walked away. I got back to the rest of the gang and went up to Jack and gave him the biggest bitch slap I have ever giving anyone "I can smell it on your breath you idiot! I thought you had stopped." I started to run  as fast as I could to try and get home. All of a sudden I smacked straight into Ruggy. I fainted. I thought ruggy had died ages ago.

About last year, the gang didnt do drugs. They just tended to beat people up that irrattated them. I had only just started going out with jack. Anyway Farmer was in the park on his own after an argument with Ice (another member of the gang) Anyway this boy came up to him and they quickley made friends. Anyway one day my parents went on a weekend holiday so Farmer and his new friend came to mine. But Ice was already here. I think he was planning to ask me out. Ice went down to the celler to stop himself from hurting farmer. I let farmer and his friend in. Straight away I realized that he was very much like Jack! I soon found out that his name was Ruggy. I accually realy fancied him. forgetting ice was in the cellar i went down with Ruggy to get some ice poles out of the freezer. ice hid behind this bit of wall. Then I did the most idiototic thing you can do. I kissed Ruggy and he kissed me back. Then I was on my way back to the kitchen to see if farmer was alright and I notaced Ruggy wasn't behing me. I could here all this banging coming from below me. Me and farmer ran back down and we managed to get Ice off of ruggy, I chucked him out!

Ice was angry. He told jack that ruggy had grabbed hold of me and forced me to kiss him. I tried to tell him that it wasnt true but he wouldnt beleive me; thought i was just trying to protect him. He got the whole gang after Ruggy. Even Farmer beleive it! Next thing i heared was that Ruggy was dead. I never saw him. Straight after that the gang started taking weed.

I woke up. I looked around and saw Jack and Farmer. " Hey are you okay?"

"Were the hell am I!"

"Errrm your not going to like this but your in Lullaby Alley"

I said sorry to Jack for slapping him infront of everyone, I gave him a hug and whispered in his ear "Ruggys alive." It was dangerous, I know that but i felt I had to tell him. I also told him that ice had been lying about what happend but even then I didn't tell him the truth. I told him that nothing had happened at all. I smiled and said to farmer "why do they call you farmer?"  He said he didnt want to talk about it but he also said that new people that get involed with gang gang normally end up dead or in hospital. I was confused

The End

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