Death WishMature

Girl who leaves school and joins a rough gang

Sitting there. Thinking about him. How he is going to hurt; cry inside. I know he won't show it. Its all about the image you see, he has been asking me for weeks to join and don't get me wrong i've considered it but, well. You know what I dont even know any more. I dont know if its really him or weather its all just a act. Maybe I should. But then again maybe I shouldnt. What if he dose it first? What if all I worked for falls on top of me? I put in blood, sweat and tears into this relationship but at the end of the day. He's got a death wish.

Its my 16th birthday. Whoop! No school! Gonna party, gonna party, gonna party like its your birthday! I had a shower, Spend ages apliing all my make-up. I Got out my G-star jeans and my mikenzie t-shirt. My parents have always been minted so I can afford these thing. Jack's folkes arn't though. He lives down at Lullaby Ally with Farmer. Same thing happend to him. Parents got avicted when he was eight, he got took into care. Thats were they met you see. They became mates pretty quickley. Anyway one day this new boy came in. They were all about 14 then, anyway they were smoking round the back of the place. New boy snitched. 50 stitches he got. I guess he wasn't to know they had pocket knifes. Unfortunatley Jack and farmer were old enough to be kicked out of there. so thats what happend. Two years later the idiots still havn't sorted themselves out yet. They pretty protected though. gang out 25, 16 year olds. what could go wrong.

Around nine o'clock in the morning I got a text. It was from Farmer. I bought farmer that phone but beleive me he needed one. Anyway the text read "Hey! Me and jack say happy birthday. Anyway meet us at lullaby park." It made me feel nice knowing that I had two people in the world that care about me. I got to the park and all of them were there. all 25 of them. Theres one thing I love an one thing i hate about that gang. They are all extremley violent and have multiple criminal records, however the thing I love is that they are all extremley talented street dancers.

The End

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