Setting the meeting

"So what of the Truce?" Truth muttered to himself. It irked him when his peers began to fool with fundamental truths of the universe.

What irked him more was when a lie was being created and he knew it; yet could not fathom nor find the real truth. Just like this very moment.

What annoyed him more was the idea that he cannot lie to himself if only to get on with his day.

Now he had to find the truth. It was his mission, it was his purpose. And he must warn those on the side of creation, because the side of destruction was up to something. Whatever it was could not be good either.

But what was the truth?

He followed the one creature that could help him. And according to the truths he had just created for this cause. She had just turned up at Arlington cemetery, one of the few natural locations left.

A perfect place where they could stop this very bad thing from taking place. Before the lies overcame us all.

The End

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