Bloody Mary Part SevenMature

"That's true." Jennet said

"What do we fucking do sweet checks." Austin asked.

"I think we might need someone from the inside." Jennet said

"But why would someone help against their maker?" Nina asked them.

You have no idea Mary and Jennet thought

"That's easy." Mary told her "She treats everyone like a tool and kills them when they become useless, and she has very high standards."

"That's sick." Nina whispered

"If you thought Luke was a sick bastard... we Marisilia is fucking worse and that's coming from me and I fought in WWI."

"Who are they?" Gem asked.

"Rashell and Mannie." Jennet said

"Their twins from WWII." Mary told her.

"Yes, Marisilia found the twins in Germany." Jennet told her

"How will they help?" Gem asked

"If you talk to them... they can tell you." Jennet said "This isn't the first time we planned on getting rid of Marisilia, in fact those two have a plan."

"And theirs no fucking better time to do it than know." Austin hissed

"Can you call them here?" Gem asked

"Yes." Jennet said "They sleep in a public place, so Mary should be able to talk to them."

"Okay... Mary you think you can bring them here?" Gem asked

"Of course Gem, it'll be my pleasure." Mary said, walking into the mirror.

Mary ended up in a barn, with two young girls that looked around fourteen years old.

"Rashell... Mannie." Mary whispered to them.

"Who are you?" The one on the right said.

"I'm Mary... Jennets older sister." Mary said to them

"Why are you here?" The one on the left asked.

"Jennet said it's time."

"That's good, I'm Mannie." The one on the left said

"I'm Rashell."

"Sorry it's hard to tell you apart." Mary told them, it was true the girls had the same brown hair and brown eyes.

"That's okay, but we wear necklaces that have our names on them." Mannie told her, and it was true around her neck was a necklace that said 'Mannie'

"Okay... we need to go and you need to meet Gem our leader." Mary told them

"Okay." The twins said together.

"This way."

And with that Mary and the twins walked through the mirror.     

The End

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