Gem - Part ElevenMature

It seemed that Luke had taken hours to get back, when it fact, it had only been minutes. He burst through the door, a tornado of energy. He was an assault to the senses. Gem stepped back, trying to keep the distaste from her face. He stopped, looking down at her, he didn't keep her eye for long, looking away, ashamed.

He was covered in blood, his clothes drenched in it, his face and hands covered in morbid red splatters. No way could you spill that much blood hunting, not when you feed. That meant, he'd, killed people. Just for the fun of it. Luke rushed up the stairs. "I need to change."

Gem didn't say a word, simply walked through to the living room. Night was falling now, and it was time to start thinking about what needed to be done. First though, there was someone missing. Nina. She hadn't come out of her room all day, and she would need to feed. 

Gem walked briskly up to Nina's room, not bothering to tell the others. They would only try to muscle in, and they weren't children after all, they could take care of themselves. She knocked lightly on the door, but just as she expected, no answer came. She waited a moment, and then opened the door slowly.

Nina's looked up, startled. She'd been sat daydreaming, probably of her lost Husband. "Hijo, please, leave me be. I can't. I can't come down there, with all of them looking at me with sympathy." 

Gem shook her head, walking to sit beside Nina on the bed. "Nina, you can't do this now. Maximus has been taken, and we need to get him back." Nina's eyes widened. "Your Husband's killer needs to be brought to justice. You need to play your part. After it's done you can do what you like."

"Maximus? He's been taken?"

Gem nodded. "Simon would want you to help."

"You didn't even know him!" Nina snarled.

Gem raised her eyebrows, but nodded. "Okay, I didn't know him, not really, I'd only just met him. I bet I'm right though."

Nina looked down at her hands, "I will help. Let me shower, and I will join you. When this over, I'm leaving for a while." She looked up at me, pain blazing in her eyes, "I need time." 

"I can't even begin to understand how you feel, but no one will stop you." Nina nodded. I hope to God I never know how she feels. Gem thought. 

Gem made her way back to the others. Luke had joined them now, showered and in fresh clothes. He was avoiding her eyes. She walked straight up to him. "Luke, look at me." Power resonated in her voice. 

He looked up almost instantly. Everyone else had fallen silent, watching them. "Come with me." She walked away, not looking back. He would follow, if he knew what was good for him. He did, thankfully. That could have been embarrassing. She stopped in the hallway. "What did you do?" 

Luke stared at her a moment. "What?"

"You were covered in blood when you came in, too much. I could smell it, and I could definitely see it."

"You know, coming out here for privacy was probably not the best move in a house full of Vampires." 

"This is a private conversation. Any who choose to listen are rude, and insensitive." There was a sudden flurry of conversation in the room next door.

Luke studied her a moment. She was sure he would be able to see the anger on her face, anyone would. He sighed. "I- I killed people. A lot of them. There were about eight campers up on the ridge. I fed on one until he died, and tore the rest apart." He looked down at the floor. 

Gem gasped. She couldn't help herself. "Why?" Her voice was quiet now, the anger gone, replaced by an emotion she couldn't name. 

"I-" He looked at her, frustration rising. "-Fuck. I don't know. I guess I just blanked. You said I was 'sweet'. I guess I didn't know how to handle it. I'm not sweet Gem. I'm a monster. Never forget that."

"So that's what this was? Giving me an example of how much of a sick bastard you can be? Well, you did the trick." Gem walked away. She didn't want to, even after what he'd done, she'd wanted to wrap her arms around him. Comfort him. But she had to be stronger than that. 

She walked back into the living room, glad to see Nina back in the room, curled up next to Kale and Mary. She stood in the middle of the room and looked around. "Right. Enough fucking around. This bitch has done enough. It's time to do something about it."

The End

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