Bloody Mary Part SixMature

"Luke? Where are you going." Gem asked, causing Mary and Jennet to look at her, only the sound of a slamming door caused them to look away from their leader.

"Where is he going?" Gem asked, walking down the stairs.

"To hunt." Kale told her

"Bastard think he's to good for the fucking blood bags." Austin hissed, he had to put up with it, just because he was a solider doesn't mean he liked to kill people, he just took a bit of their blood leaving them alive.

"Why?" Gem tired again, already getting used to Austin's swearing.

"Bets me." Mary said, handing her a blood bag.

"Oh... and your lovely grandfather went out to hunt as well... a few hours ago." Jennet told her, looking away from her husband and to her new leader.

Mary was drinking from her blood bag when she felt someone go near the protective circle, someone was here and it wasn't one of them.

"Someone's here." Was all she shouted jumping from her seat and out of the door, she didn't see Kale and Gem follow her, while Jennet and Austin just stared at her back getting ready to back them up... if it was needed. 

When Mary excited the house she saw that no one was there, but there was a note.

Dear Gem

I now have your grandfather, the only way your going to see him alive is if you give yourself up.

Love Marisilia   

"Gem." Mary said, handing the note to her. Gem's eyes widened and she ran inside... no doubt to get her phone to call Luke and tell him what was going on.

"Do you think he'll come?" Mary asked

"I'm sure he will." Kale told her

"He better." Mary said


"Cause I'll kill him... if he hurts my family... I'll show him why my nickname is Bloody Mary."

The End

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