Luke - Part FourMature

The next day, Luke woke feeling oddly refreshed. In fact he didn't remember ever having felt like it before. Gem was by his side, head under his arm, leg tossed over his. She was naked, her breasts and stomach exposed. He tugged the sheet over he softly, laying a light kiss on her forehead. He laid there looking up at the ceiling.

What happened to me? I feel, odd. He didn't feel the need for inflicting pain on others as much as before she'd came along. The urge was still there, only lesser. Maybe he could be the Vampire Maximus had always wanted him to be. With her help. He didn't want to be a monster, that had been decided long before he was changed. 

He ran his fingers through Gem's hair, studying the bright red highlights that had become more prevalent since her change. A few moments later, she stirred, eyes flickering open slowly. "Morning." She smiled at him, kissing him lightly on the tip of the nose.

She climbed out of bed, trying to cover herself with the sheet as she walked around the bed. Luke tugged it back with a grin. She covered herself with her hands, obviously embarrassed. Luke smiled, moving to wrap his arms around her. He was just as naked as she was. "Don't be embarrassed. Not with me. You are beautiful."

She smirked at him, "Since when did you get so sweet?" Luke stepped back abruptly, face closing down. He tugged his clothes on without a word, and left, walking down the stairs to the dining room.

Kale, Mary, Jennet and Austin were already up, all of them slurping from blood bags. Luke lifted his lip, "Urgh, disgusting. Do we really have to drink that stuff?"

Kale stopped drinking and lifted his head, "Do you have any better ideas?"

"We could go hunting."

Kale gave him an odd look. "I know what happens when you hunt. You kill. I won't join you in it."

"Suit yourself." Luke turned on the spot, and strode towards the front door.

"Luke? Where are you going?" Gem's voice called from the top of the stairs.

He didn't say anything, just left, slamming the door behind him. Fuck her. He took off at a run, break neck speed. He knew where he was going, where he always went when he needed to really let go. 

He was ripping into the throats of a group of Campers up at the reserve with wild abandon, loving it, until he stopped himself. He looked around at the carnage he had created, starting to feel sick. What have I done? I don't want this. It always happened like this. Something challenging would happen, emotionally, mentally or physically, and he would go off on a little killing spree. He never really knew why. 

He was trudging back to the house, his clothes covered in blood, when his phone rang. He pulled it from his pocket with a harsh epithet. "What?" He snarled.

"Luke? Where are you? I need you. It's Maximus, he's gone." It was Gem, he could hear true fear in her voice.

"What? Gone where?" 

"He went to hunt, like you did, and he didn't come back. I found a note on the edge of the protective circle. It's Marisilia. She took him, and wants me to give myself up to get him back."

"Don't move. I'm coming. Please, don't give yourself to her." He hung up, not waiting for a reply, and tore off towards the house at a speed he was sure he had never before obtained.  

The End

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