Bloody Mary Part FiveMature

"I knew you would be powerful, but I didn't expect this." Mary heard Maximus say, she couldn't help but wonder what happened.

Oh, so he found out about Luke and Gem Mary thought a smile coming across her face. Today's surprises weren't going to stop were they.

Opening the door she couldn't help... but giggle when she saw Maximus' face, not only did he look worse than she did when she ran away from Marisilia, but his own grandchild added to his injuries.

"What's so funny girl." He demanded, this tone used to bring Mary to her knees... but it didn't Must be because I put my service to Gem and now only she can boss me around... oh joy, in face I think Austin and Jennet did the same thing.

"Sorry... old man, but only Gem can tell me what to do." Mary said "That and it looks like you've taken a bad beating, wonder from who, two people, both girls, that must have killed your manly pride."

"Yes Mary?" Gem asked

"Jennet and I have put the spells up around the house. Nina has gone to bed, I don't know if she'll get up in the morning, but she might. I wanted to know if you wanted Kale and I to go to the blood bank... to get blood for the team." Mary asked.

"That's all?" Gem asked "After you get the blood, put it in the fridge and go to bed."

"Yes Ma'am. Don't have to much fun." Mary said as she left.

When Mary made her way back to Kale's room to tell him that the plan was going through and they needed to go into another blood bank for more people this time... she'd asked Jennet, but her baby sister was having... fun with Austin and she didn't want to interrupt them.

Two arms went around her waist, pulling her into a chest. "Guess who?"

"Kale." Mary said, tapping him on the check

"Good guess." Kale laughed

"Ever funny, but we need to go on another blood drive and get some for the team." Mary told him.

"As long as I don't walk onto the aftermath of... that again." Kale whispered

"We're not going into their bedroom, but afterwards we need to go to sleep, beating Marisilia's ass into the ground needs all our energy." Mary pointed out

"Okay darling lead the way"

"My pleasure."  

The End

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