Luke - Part ThreeMature

Luke paced, anxious. What's wrong with the old coot? Maximus would never normally abandon his children to the wolves, so to speak. What would they do now? Marisilia was old but he was older, their only real fighting chance.

He sat down on one of the old faded armchairs, that was now sporting a few burn marks and black ringed holes, and sighed. Gem couldn't take this on by herself, Nina wouldn't be much help, as he understood it. He'd been told, that once a Vampire couple get married it's literally forever. They formed a bond that was complex, and hard to understand. If one died, well, then the other may as well be too. Or so he'd heard.

He'd never liked Nina. He thought she was an uppity little bitch, who thought far better of herself than she ought, and he'd voiced that opinion many times over. He couldn't help but feel a little sorry for her though. He shook himself, looking over at Gem. She was truly beautiful, something he never thought he would see in any woman. Sure, he liked women, thought they were attractive, but had never met one he deemed to be really beautiful.

She commanded the others like she had been doing it for years, instead of sitting behind a computer screen typing away fantasy novels. Bullshit, he thought, just a way of escaping from reality. As he watched her, in her element, getting what needed to be done, done, he thought she might be different. She definitely wasn't the weak looking, stuttering mess she had been when he first saw her.

She was across the room, looking at the ragtag band of fuck-ups before her. "We all need to eat, and get some sleep. In the morning, when we're all rested, we'll talk." She looked over the snobbish prim woman, Jennet. "Did you say you can do spells?" 

Jennet clicked on almost instantly, "Yes. I could do a protective spell around the place, it may not harm any would be attackers, but maybe slow them some, and give us a warning. Mary might be better to do it than me, though. Her Magic is stronger than mine." 

Mary smiled. "I would be honoured."

Gem nodded. "Okay then. Well, while you're doing that, what do we do for food?" 

Nina looked over, tears welling in her eyes. "We used to have a menagerie of, donors, if you like." She looked down at the floor. "Marisilia killed them all." 

This, made Luke stand. "No fucking way. That bitch!" Everyone looked at him. What the fuck is their problem? He thought. Sure, I'd killed one or two of them, but only by accident. 

Nina stood, outrage clear in her face, "How dare you even pretend to care! You lowlife heathen. You hated them, hated all humans. You killed some of them yourself." 

Gem was watching this, her eyes intensely focused on Nina, she spared a glance for Luke. he looked away, ashamed. Nina stepped forward, taking a breath, "You, might as well leave. You are nothing but trouble and strife, for all of us! You-" Whatever she was about to say next, was cut off. 

She was slammed into the wall by an as yet invisible force. While the rest of us were looking around for the culprit, Gem stepped forward, arm raised. Nina seemed to be stuck, on the wall in mid air. "Nina, what exactly were you just saying?" The area around her on the wall, lit up in blueish flames. "Leave him the fuck alone." Her voice dripped with venom.

She gets hotter by the second. Luke mused, stepping forward. He put his hand on Gem's shoulder. She was shaking with rage, lips drawn back in a snarl. "Put her down lover, she's not worth it." He slipped his arms around her waist. She stepped back into his arms, sighing, visibly relaxing. As she did, Nina, fell from the wall with a loud crash.

Nina looked up at her, shocked. Gem looked as shocked as she did. "Did I? Did I just do that?" Impressive as her abilities are, she shouldn't have been able to use them yet. Normally Vampires grow into their powers. Admittedly a born one like her would find them sooner, but not that quick. 

Luke nodded, murmuring in her ear. "Let's go upstairs. We need to talk." She leaned back, kissing the side of his neck, nestling her head there. She smiled.

"Talk, huh?" He grinned.

Austin murmured across the room, "Get a fucking room already, fucking puppy love bullshit."

Luke looked over at him, narrowing his eyes, "Did you say something Texan?"

"Well yeah, as a fucking matter of fact I did. I said-" Interrupted by a short sharp jab in the ribs from his wife. She glared at him. He said nothing else. 


A few moments later and they were upstairs, in Gem's room. Maximus' was only feet away. Luke sat down on the bed, pulling Gem to straddle his lap. She kissed him, her tongue entwining with his in a sensual dance. He almost lost himself in her. It was as she started to lift his shirt, hands spanning his chest, that he broke away.

 "Wait, I-" 

Gem put her finger to his lips. "If you're going to warn me off again, don't bother." 

He shook his head. "No. I want to talk about your Magic. You, you just used two powers at once. No other Vampire possesses two abilities. You know that right?"

"Two?" Gem's voice was quiet, worried. 

He nodded, "Pyrokinesis, and Telekinesis. You moved her with your mind."

Gem looked up at him, and then grinned. "Cool."

He laughed, throwing her on the bed, sliding his leg between hers, about to kiss her, when the door flew open with a bang he was sure would have been audible to the whole house. "Get off of my Grand daughter." Maximus, stood in the doorway, an intense look on his face. He had cuts everywhere, and his eyes looked sunken and tired. 

Luke stepped off the bed, a dutiful look plastered on his face. "Master I'm sorry. I couldn't stay away from her. I lo-" He cut me off with a flick of his fingers. A ball of fire blazed in his palm. 

"Enough. Leave. You will not go anywhere near her."

He was about to walk out, when Gem said, "Ah fuck it." Luke watched with wide eyes as Gem used Telekinesis, pinning her Grandfather to the wall. He struggled, watching her with shock. 

"Gem? Is that you, doing this?" Gem nodded with a satisfied smile. "Put me down this instant." His voice was hard, commanding.

Gem laughed, "I don't think so, old man. You lost the right to boss me around when you sat in your room sulking like a baby, and forgot about all the people down there." She clicked her fingers, a fireball of her own lighting up like a bonfire. The fire burned brighter than anything Luke had ever seen. "Now, I'll let you down, but you leave Luke and I alone, and you can damn well man up, and deal with this shit. We need to get my Father back, and kill that sanctimonious whore before she kills any more of your people. Understood." 

It was odd to see a cowed look on Maximus' face. He nodded briskly, sighing with relief when Gem let him drop to the floor. He looked up at her, "I knew you would be powerful, but I didn't expect this." 


The End

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