Jennet and Austin Part EightMature

When Gem went to talk to her Grandfather, her mate, Luke, turned on Jennet and Austin a look of distrust on his face.

"What should we trust you three?" He asked.

"I've done nothing wrong." Mary said

"Why would I help the monster who murder my son." Jennet hissed, she was pissed at the very thought of it.

"Son?" Kyle asked

"Yes... son. He was a orphan after WWII, I've been taking care of him since he was three, but Marisilia... Marisilia... she-"

"She fucking killed him, the bitch went and fucking killed him, all because he was a fucking human and she saw him fucking useless." Austin hissed

"Jennet... I'm so sorry." Mary whispered, reaching out a hand to her sister, which Jennet took and Mary pulled her into a hug.

"It's not your fault... Marisilia doesn't like useless things, so it was bound to happen, she never did like humans for some reason." Jennet whispered.

"Nina, I'm sorry for you loss." Austin whispered

"Me too." Mary and Jennet said to the crying girl, going over to her and pulling her into the hug as she cried over the lost of Simon.

"Gem... how did it go?" Kyle asked as she came down the stairs.

"He's not coming down." Gem hissed.

"Guess we'll have to do it ourselves." Mary said

"And how do we do that?" Luke asked

"There are many things about her own house that she doesn't know." Mary said

"And you do?" Gem asked

"I was the one who made it, silly sis. So of course I know more about the house than she does." Mary said

"And I was the one who put the spells in the dungeon and they can easily be removed." Jennet said

"Sis?" Gem asked

"Sorry, I've been following the family and you're so many great's grandfather on your mothers side was William, My and Jennet's little brother, so your stronger than your father and grandfather." Mary said

"Yes, you've got magic, what kind I don't know, but we'll find out." Jennet said

"And don't worry about Marisilia's children most will be dead by now." Mary said

"Dead?" Luke asked

"Yes, Marisilia would have killed some of them and the ones that are left will want nothing to do with her." Jennet explained "She always does this, Austin and I were lucky to have not been in the house the first few times she did it, Mary wasn't there after she saw one of them." 

"So all her children hate her and will more than happy to see her dead."   

The End

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