Bloody Mary Part FourMature

After swiping my hand in the mirror the portal going to Maximus' study opened, ready for us to go through.

"Yes." Gem said, holding Luke's hand they went through.

"Are you sure your ready to face Marisilia?" Kale asked.

"I'll have to face her sometime... that bitch isn't going to rule my life anymore." Mary hissed, grabbing Kyle's hand.

"Let's go." Kyle said.

"Let's" Mary agreed, walking through the mirror.

The study was a mess, burn marks were on the walls, books and floors, simply the study looked like a bomb hit it, or there were two vampires fighting in it.

"Gem... Luke." Mary shouted

"What?" Gem asked.

"We need to get my sister and her husband, I know you don't like them, but they'll be good back up if anything goes wrong." Mary told them "Kyle can you lead me to where they keep prisoners."


With that Kyle showed Mary where they kept prisoners and Mary saw her baby sister crying into her husbands shoulder without a second thought or a single words, Mary opened the door.

"Jennet." Mary said "What's wrong little sister?"

"She killed William, she killed my baby." Jennet sobbed

"We want to fucking help." Austin spit.

"Okay, you two follow me." Mary said, leading them to the stairs where Gem and Luke were waiting.

"Jennet, Austin this is Gem and Luke." Mary said.

"It's nice to meet you Gem." Jennet said "But I wish it was under better conditions."

"Nice to meet you too." Gem said.

"Let's fucking kill Marisilia." Austin shouted.

"But of course, she's coursed too much trouble to leave alive." Jennet said

"First we've got to find her." Mary said.

"And then no more Marisilia."       

The End

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