Gem - Part NineMature

Gem was sleeping, dreaming, horrible things. She dreamt of blood and fire, rolling around her like deadly denizens of hell come to collect their winnings. Her eyes flew open, back arching as an indescribable pain consumed her. The tingling had changed, the figurative pins and needles starting to feel like real ones being plunged in and out of her skin.

Her hands flew out, reaching, grabbing for anything she could get purchase on. She felt like she would fly away if she didn't hold on. She could hear the others, knew they were talking, could sense they were worried, but she couldn't make out what they were saying. It was like she was under water, and everyone else was above. Muffled sounds are all she could hear.

Someone had moved closer to her. She didn't know how she knew, but she knew it was Luke. She could smell him, sense him. It was like her senses were working on their own, telling her what to do. She reached out, feeling like she hadn't moved an inch. Like when you're stretching to get something from a small gap, and no matter how far you stretch, it's never enough. 

Finally, the tail of his shirt was in her grasp. She closed her fist tightly, mustering up all the energy she could to speak. "Luke." She wasn't sure if he had heard her, though she thought she saw him turn his head her way. He sat down beside her, his body feeling warm to her, even though he was actually stone cold. His hand ran through her hair softly, her scalp was sensitive, and it felt unbelievably good. "It's okay Gem. I'm here." 

She could see his face, now that he was so close. His was twisted in concern, his blue eyes boring into hers. He looked, scared. He turned away. Everything was blurry again, nothing was clear to her eyes. When he turned back to her, she looked up at him with desperation, winding her hand in his shirt. "Don't leave me."

His hand brushed across her cheek, leaving a warm, electric sensation behind. "Hush. Listen to your body, don't fight it." She stopped moving, stopped trying to squelch the writhing pain inside of her, and concentrated. She took a deep breath, and sighed with relief. It still hurt, but not as much. 

She felt his hand run along her spine lightly, with as much care as you would show a newborn child. "That's it. It won't take long now." The change ran along her skin like ice, moving faster now. Slowly but surely, she could see, hear and smell. Better than ever before. Her brain was still a muddle though, her body yearning for something it never had before.

Gem drew herself up into a crouch, backing onto the bed. Two people came in, stepping through the mirror. No, not people, other Vampires. She could smell it. She stiffened. Instinct urged her to kill them both, not liking the threat when she was still so weak. The third, she was sure she knew him, but not sure enough.

As he started to lower himself onto the bed, she snarled. A warning. "It's me. Hush." His hands were held defensively. She looked him over. Can I trust him? He held out something red and plastic looking. Her eyes fastened to it, almost involuntarily. She could smell it. Nothing had ever smelt as good to her as this. She didn't care if he could be trusted or not, not anymore. She just had to have whatever was in that bag. 

She snatched it from him, ripping into with her teeth. A feeling of pure ecstasy filled her as she drank. The more she took, the more she started to feel like, well, herself. Though, as one need was fulfilled, another, more baser instinct, reared it's head. The other Vampire sat down again, and she studied him, liking what she saw. 

It took a moment for her fogged brain to click into gear. She looked over at his chiseled chest poking out from behind the collar of his shirt, the twinkle in his eye. "Luke?" 

He smirked that trademark lazy smirk of his. His eyes shone. He was beautiful. "The one and only." 

She lifted a hand, brushing her fingertips along his cheekbone, relishing the feel of his baby soft skin. "You're beautiful." She looked him in the eyes, watching, "You know that right?" 

He cleared his throat and moved away. "Gem, you should stay away from me, I-" She didn't let him finish. Enough of his foolishness. Whether she wanted to be around him or not was her decision. No one else's. She kissed him, savouring the taste of his mouth on hers as he kissed her back, passionately. 

She pulled away slightly, looking him in the eyes, trying to convey her feelings, "I don't want to stay away from you." She kissed him again, this time, that baser need more prevalent than before. She grabbed his shoulders, flipping him until he was below her. He drew away with a gasp as she fumbled with his trousers. 

"Gem. I-" She put a finger to his lips. 

"Shh. The others will be back soon." Her lips met his again, and she assumed her forgot his argument as his hands travelled up her back, freeing her from the confines of her clothes.


They lay together, naked. The sheets covered Gem's modesty well, Luke's less so. She was tucked under his arm, twisting her fingers in the smattering of blonde hair on his chest. He looked down at her, his eyes filled with unfathomable emotion. "Gem. I think- I- I love you."

She didn't get to reply. Mary and Kale stepped through the mirror, wide eyed at what they'd found. They both hurried to turn away, just as Luke rushed to pull on his clothes. Gem smiled. "No need for the embarrassment guys, really." Mary turned back, eyebrows risen. 

"Gem? Are you- feeling okay?" 

Gem nodded. "Better than ever. Got anymore blood?" Mary carried one over, watching with a critical eye as Gem bit into it. She didn't have to worry though, Gem was in control. Luke hadn't made her do anything. If anything, she was the aggressor, not him. Mary sighed, relaxing visibly. Though she was still darting looks at Luke, who had since gone to stand against the wall, doing nothing except watching Gem. 

Mary looked at Gem. Death had become her, really, anyone could see that. The milky white skin that looked like it should have always been that way, the eyes. Now they were truly something. She smiled. "Gem?" 

Gem wiped the blood from her chin, and smiled at Mary, "Yeah?"

Mary walked up to the mirror, swiping her hand across it. Now, it was like a live feed of Maximus' study. "Shall we check on your Grandfather?"


The End

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