Jennet and Austin Part SevenMature

Before Jennet and Austin could find a mirror or get to the one in Jennet's bathroom, Marisilia had found them.

"Jennet, I have a plan and you two have to come with me." She hissed.

"Do you know where he's keeping the girl?" Jennet asked.

"Yes... I do, you stupid child." Marisilia hissed, she was about to slap Jennet in the face when Austin pulled her behind him.

"Don't touch my fucking wife." He hissed at her, no one touched his wife... well at least not with they had a death wish.

"Let's go." She said, walking out of the mansion and to the car.

"Where's William?" Jennet asked, as she smelled his scent, but there was also blood... please, don't tell her Marisilia did that Jennet begged as she ran up the stairs and into the meeting room.

She had found William, on his side... his was dead.

"No." Jennet whispered remembering when she first saw him, he was a tiny toddler... an orphan. Jennet fall in love with none the less. When she found out that Marisilia wasn't feeding him or paying him any attention she become he's mother. William was the name of her brother, so it only seemed right to name the young boy that has well, she loved him like any mother loved their sons. Since Jennet herself couldn't have a child.

But now her child lied their... dead and his murder was outside. This was the last straw she wasn't going to help

"Come on Jennet." Austin whispered, he had helped her raise him after all William was a orphan after WWII, he and Jennet had been giving him their blood so he didn't die.


Jennet didn't talk during the drive to the castle, nor did Austin both were pissed and both wished that the lady driving the car was dead and she will be.

"Maximus, come out, come out, wherever you are." Marisilia sang when she got out of the car.

Jennet saw Mary's mate when she existed the car... she knew that she wasn't going to stop them when they killed Marisilia... the truth was Jennet wanted to do that herself, but Maximus had that right... after what she done to her son, it was his right to do it.

When Marisilia entered the house, three vampires were there to stop her, but all she did was say "Jennet, Austin take of these."

And with that she ran around them, quickly out of sight. Jennet and Austin raised their hands in surrender.

"We don't want to fight." Jennet whispered, she knew that when they left her wherever they were going to put her she was going to cry.

"Why should we trust you." The female on the right snapped.

"We give our fucking word." Austin said, he was going to help that bitch... even through at times the old man got under his skin... his was still a son to him and then that fucking bitch went and killed him.

"Yes... I'm sick and tired of working for her." Jennet said.

"Why." A male with an American accent asked.

"I'm sick and tired of living in fear."    


The End

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