Luke - Part TwoMature

Luke couldn't believe Maximus was trusting this girl, Kale and Gem too. It was almost like she had them all under some sort of spell. Luke shot Mary a look of disgust. Now they were stuck in some rotting old house in Germany, and Gem was close to the change. There was nothing here to help her when the time came. 

Gem was laid in the old bed across the room, sleeping. She was tossing and turning, murmuring in her sleep. Mary sat next to her, watching. Gem turned over again, this time, her eyes flying open. They were wide, shocked. She turned, flat on her back, and then arched up, face twisted in pain. She cried out, slapping her hands around on the bed, tearing into the sheets. 

Mary jumped back in horror. "I didn't do anything. I-"

Luke strode over, face set in grim resignation. She was changing, already, and he was the only one here who could help her. He'd seen this before. Seen Kyrus' change. "Move away from her."

Kale, took Mary's arm, ushering her across the room. "Leave her. There's nothing you can do darling."

Luke looked over with narrow eyes. Darling? What the fuck! Gem twisted on the bed again, bent at an odd angle. Her hand reached out, grasping the tail of Luke's shirt. "Luke." It was quiet, and weakly spoken, but everyone in the room heard it all the same. Luke looked back at Kale and Mary. Later. Deal with them later.

He sat down softly on the bed next to her, stroking her hair. "It's okay Gem. I'm here." She sighed, relaxing a small amount, yet still crying out in pain. He looked over to Kale. "She's going to need blood, and lots of it."

Kale nodded. "I'm on it."

Luke's attention turned back to Gem. She was staring up at him with wide eyes, fist woven tightly in his shirt. "Don't leave me."

Luke stroked her cheek. "Hush. Listen to your body, don't fight it." That's what she had been doing, why it had been so painful. It was a painful process anyway, but worse if you fought it. Or so Luke assumed from watching Maximus when Kyrus changed.

She sighed, face twisted in concentration. After a moment, she moved again, into a more natural position. No longer screaming, just breathing deeply. Luke stroked her back. "That's it. It won't take long now." Where the fuck is Kale with the blood? 


Kale was holding Mary's arm, rubbing it in circles absentmindedly with his thumb. He was watching Luke and Gem. He had never seen Luke be so tender with someone. It was clear by the look in his eye as she writhed in pain, he loved her. Vampires don't fall in love lightly either. Luke looked back at him. "She's going to need blood, and lot's of it."

"I'm on it." He looked at Mary desperately. How in the world was he going to get people up here for her to feed on.

Mary smiled. "Come with me. I know where to go." She swiped her hand across the mirror, and the glass shifted, looking like ripples of water. On the other side, he could see a white room, sterile looking, needles and bandages lining various shelves.

He looked to Mary, "Where is that? Can you get in?"

Mary nodded. "It's the storage room on a Blood drive truck. It's a public place, so we can enter. They take blood donations every week around about now. I'm sure we can find some going spare." She winked. "Come on."

She grabbed Kale's arm, pulling him through the mirror. Moments later, and they were standing in the storage room. She stepped out of the room with confidence, leading him to another. It was a large refrigerator, and lining the walls, were bags upon bags of blood. She grabbed as many as she could hold. Kale doing the same. As they were walking back to the mirror, Kale asked, "You've been here before, haven't you?"

Mary nodded, a sheepish smile on her face. "I didn't dare hunt while Marisilia was still looking for me, so I'd just come to places like this."

Kale sighed. What his poor Mary had been through in the many years since he had seen her last he could only imagine.


Luke whirled around with a snarl at the thump of footsteps in the room. He sighed. Just Kale and Mary. Mary held out several bags of blood. "If you need more, we can get it." Luke took them with a fake smile. A person would have been better. Maybe Gem wouldn't have liked the idea of killing someone though. 

By now, Gem had almost completed the change, her skin turned an alabaster white, her hair a more defined red. She was crouched on the bed, with a feral look in her eye. Luke stopped, staring at her. Her eyes. They'r beautiful. They were the same reddish tint that his were, but tinged with icy blue, swirling like a tornado of colour in her iris. 

He lowered himself gently onto the bed. Gem snarled, lips drawing back to expose her newly grown fangs. Luke held up his hands. "It's me. Hush." She studied him a moment, glancing over to Mary and Kale with a snarl, then snatched the bag of blood from his hands. She bit the bag, blood gushing all around her as she tore into it.

She drank all of the bags, before she had calmed down any. But she would need more soon. He sent Kale and Mary on another run. When they'd left, he sat down with Gem, watching her. She was studying her surrounding in awe. Then she looked at him. "Luke?"

He smirked. "The one and only." 

She put her hand on his cheek, brushing her fingers across his cheekbone. He stiffened. Her voice was light, and musical when she spoke, "You're beautiful. You know that, right?"

He cleared his throat, moving away. "Gem you should stay away from me, I-" His sentence was stopped by her mouth on his. She'd moved with incredible speed, legs wrapped around his waist as she kissed him. She tasted good. He kissed her back, tongues entwining in a strange dance. 

She moved her mouth away, looking into his eyes. "I don't want to stay away from you." 


The End

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