Bloody Mary Part ThreeMature

Mary couldn't believe that Marisilia found Maximus' house... well it was a castle and their hard to hide, but he was able to do it for the most part.

There were times like this that Mary was glad Marisilia wasn't her mother, no matter how many times the women said she loved them like her children, in fact her real mother was a traveling Gypsy when she met her father.

"Maximus I don't think you have a choice anymore." Mary told him.

"Maximus... where are you." Marisilia's voice sang out.

"Take her." Maximus growled his eyes on the door, in case she entered before Mary could take his granddaughter to safety.

"Of course." Mary said, with that she ran to Gem's side picking the girl up bridal style.

"But...." Gem said.

"Just do one thing for me." Mary said "Please don't kill Jennet and Austin, they barely know what's going on."


"Thank you, but for now. Kale... Luke, I need you two to come with me." Mary said, Gem was trying to get out of Mary's hold, but the girl was still human so she was too weak to get out of Mary's hold.

"But what if I want to stay and help." Gem said

"You can't, I'm sorry about that Gem, but I don't want to lose anyone else."

"Okay... but how do we get out of here?" Luke asked.

"Through the mirrors." When Mary said that, she ran through the full length mirror in Maximus' bedroom.

"Hurry up." She yelled behind her, pulling Luke out of his shock, that and Mary could only keep open the portal for only so long, Kyle pulled Luke into the mirror when Mary yelled at them to hurry up.

Mary knew the perfect place to go, to hide while Gem's transformation... it was to bad that the place didn't have pleasant memories attached to it.

"What now?" Kyle asked

"To my families old house." Mary told him, walking through the darkness that the reflection world was, that with small bits of light showing where mirrors were.

"Where's that?" Luke asked

"It's in Germany, when father had enough money he got out of Britain as fast as he could." Mary told them "He and mother didn't want to stay in Britain after what happened to me and Jennet."

"Okay." The two boys said.

With that the four were in a old and dusty attic, that looked like an old room.

"I thought you couldn't go into a room without someone calling you?" Gem asked

"That's only the case when it's someone else's house, but this was my mothers room and she would always let me go to her room when I was human, it never changed, even when she couldn't find me." Mary told her, as she put her into the queen sized bed in the corner of the room.

"What now?" Kyle asked

"After Gem's changed, we get her father back and we help Maximus kill Marisilia." Mary said, looking out of the only window.

"But of her children that are still there?" Kyle asked her

"You'd be surprised of how many of them will take this time to ran away and the ones that stay behind will be more than happy to help us, more so to help us get rid of Marisilia." Mary said 

"Why?" Gem asked

"Anything to see her dead."    

The End

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