Gem - Part EightMature

Gem was with Maximus. He was still trying to get her to say how she had known where her Father was, but she didn't want to betray Mary. It was obvious she didn't want to be seen here. She was sitting in a chair, sweating profusely, her body tingling even more now. Hunger roiled in her stomach, grumbling on odd occasion. She was shrank back into the seat, looking at Maximus warily.

Maximus was frustrated. Someone had told Gem where her Father was, and whoever it was, she wasn't about to tell. The most he had done so far was shout at her, he would never harm a hair on her head, yet still, she shrank back into her seat in fear. He sighed, slumping down into one of his chairs. Gem was sat watching him with wide eyes. 

He was about to send her to her room, when a voice, rang around them. "Gem! Gem!" It shouted. It was a feminine voice, sweet and light. Maximus could swear he recognised it. Gem had snapped upright in her seat, shock filling her face. "Who is there? Show yourself. Now." Maximus' voice rang through the room, bouncing off the walls. It was filled with power.

There. In the mirror across the room, stood Mary. Still dressed in the same attire as before. She had a palm on the glass. Gem ran over, "Mary? What are you doing?" Maximus ran over, snarling loudly. He pulled tightly on Gem's arm, moving her away from the mirror. 

"Stay away from my Grandchild you Witch!"

Gem gaped. Maximus? He was her Grandfather? He pulled his fist back, in position to smash the mirror. Gem leaped forward, grabbing his arm. "No, Maximus, please, listen to her."

He turned to her with an incredulous look, "You want to talk to her?" 

Gem nodded. "Look. She's not what you think she is. Look at her, she's terrified of you."

Maximus looked. Gem was right. Why would she be scared of him? The Witch with the power of reflections. Bloody Mary. He turned back to Gem, at a loss. He had no idea what to do now.

Gem turned to the girl in the mirror with a smile, "Do you want me to call you in Mary?" Mary shook her head.

"Better not." Her head tilted slowly in Maximus' direction. 

He grinned wide. "Girl. I give you my word, as long as you harm none here, I will not touch a hair on your head." 

I called her. She stood near the mirror uncomfortably, playing with her hands. Maximus laughed. "You know, your Mistress thinks you dead?" Mary nodded. He looked at her softly, "You were a nice girl, before, well, before Marisilia." Mary flinched at the name. "What is it that you want with my kin? Come to appease your estranged Maker?" 

Mary scowled, "Never. I am here to warn Gem. Mistress, the plans she has for this girl, they are not pleasant. To put it mildly. She-" Mary looked at Gem, "Will change soon, tonight. Can you not tell? When you are tending to her, Marisilia will strike." 

Maximus snarled, "Neither she nor her little lackeys will get close to here."

Mary smirked, looked at the look on Maximus' face and then stopped. "It won't be long until she finds you." She looked down at her feet, "You could send her with me. I can get her through the mirrors. Marisilia thinks I am dead, she would never find her. I can look after her." 

Maximus looked at her with narrow eyes, "You think I would trust you to do that?"

Mary didn't get a chance to answer. The doors to the room burst open, and in strode Luke and Kale. Kale. Mary hadn't seen him in at least a century, yet he had not changed. Kale stopped. Eyes glued to hers. 

Luke kept on coming. "She did have someone in her room! It was-"

Maximus sighed. "Yes, I know. Mary." He gestured to the girl. Luke looked at her, his eyes widening. He snarled, lunging at her. She scrambled back. Gem threw herself at luck, fist flying to punch him straight in the jaw.

It didn't hurt. As close as she was to the change, the girl was weak. Luke stopped, looking down at her. She was beautiful. Her face full of anger as she stared into his eyes. Hers were hard, her stance unrelenting. She shivered, sweat beading on her brow. "Leave her alone." Luke moved away, muttering expletives under his breath. 

He turned away from Gem and Mary, looking at Maximus, who had watched events unfold with a look of amusement. He smirked at Luke. "Seems I didn't have to worry about looking after her." He chuckled. 

Luke looked over to Kale. He was stood, inches away from him, shaking with rage. "What's your fucking problem?" 

Maximus laughed, "You just tried to attack his Wife."

Luke's eyebrows rose. Marraige wasn't taken lightly in the Vampire world. It mean't forever. Literally. He raised a lip in disgust, "Well, his wife told Marisilia where we are. Her, and two of her ilk are coming this way. They'll be here in a few minutes."

Maximus snarled at him, "You didn't think to tell us this first?"

Luke ducked his head. "Sorry."

Mary, piped up from the corner, eyes all for Kale when she spoke, "I didn't. I swear it. I want to help."

Maximus looked at Kale. Kale smiled, "She speaks the truth."

Luke turned, an incredulous look on his face, "We're supposed to fucking believe that?" 

A woman's voice, called out, coming from outside. "Maximus, come out, come out, wherever you are." 

Mary froze. "Marisilia." 

Kale ran upstairs, checked the windows and ran back down. "Plus your sister and her fucking friend."

The End

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