Bloody Mary Part TwoMature

Mary was about to tell Gem something else, but she heard footsteps coming into the room. She didn't know who it was, but she knew that she had to leave before they found her here and then she wouldn't be able to tell Jennet about what was going on.

Moving to the mirror as fast as she could, well without scaring Gem "I must go."

"What will you do now?" Gem asked, of course she wanted to know, I just told her where her father was.

"Go and try to persuade my sister to our cause. Take care dear Gem. I hope to meet you again." Mary told her, as she went back to her world of reflections, a dull world where she could look any where and had anything in a matter of seconds, but one where many can not see; only very few could see the world of reflections.


Mary didn't know how she was going to tell Jennet, how she was going to convince her to join the cause. The one which would put an end to Marisilia's rule.

"That brat." Mary heard, Think of the devil and the devil will be heard. It was just Mary's luck that Marisilia was in front of a mirror.

"When I get a hold of her, she's going to wish I find her first and then she'll know who's in charge."   

Please tell me she's not talking about Gem. Mary thought, but what Marisilia said next would shatter her heart.

"Gem... huh, that sounds like a name Kyrus would pick, but she's going to join us, destroy Maximus once and for all, or she can join her father, Gem might enjoy what I put her father through."

No, please no. Marisilia it seems you'll never change, but for now I have to tell Jennet and then Gem.


After Mary had told Jennet and Austin what was going on, it didn't hurt her... what Austin telling her he didn't trust her, in fact it she didn't care, all she cared about was Jennet and she knew Austin would project her baby sister with everything he had.

Jennet trusted Mary and she knew that... so it wouldn't surprise her with Jennet was on her way down to the dungeons, but for now she had to find Gem, but do that she might have to face Maximum, she was willing to do that. Gem was now on of her younger sisters... even if she didn't know it.

She thanked the heaven that Marisilia never found her and Jennet's younger brother, and he had children and so on, Mary knew that she would have to find out what happened to them, but Mary knew that she could.

"Gem...Gem!!" Mary shouted.

After this Mary only hoped that she could go back to her mate.... her sweet and kind Kale.    



The End

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