Jennet and Austin Part SixMature

"Jennet." Mary's voice quietly rang into the room "Austin."

Now Jennet was worried about her big sister, she never called to Austin, in fact most of the time, Jennet was sure that Mary disliked Austin.

"Austin." Jennet said.

"Yes." Austin said, looking at his mate in worry, he'd never met Mary in person, but he had heard rumours about her.

"Let's talk to her." Jennet told him, in a 'don't you dare try to disagree with me' tone, so all Austin would do was follow her into the bathroom, locking the door behind them.

"Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary."

"Jennet... Austin. I'm afraid I have bad news." Mary said, as soon as she showed up on the Mirror.

"What is it?" Jennet asked.

"When you asked me to go find Gem, I heard what Marisilia wanted to do to her." Mary cried.

"What the fuck did she want to do to her?" Austin asked, not really wanting to deal with a crying girl... well he couldn't touch her so that made it harder.

"Torture." Mary snuffled "To use her like a tool, what she tried to do with me all those years ago."

"Why?" Jennet asked.

"For her power." Mary stated, she had hidden her emotions, so her voice was flat.

"What if we don't fucking trust you?" Austin asked.

"Go to the dungeons and find Gem's father." Mary stated, fading from the mirror as she said this until Jennet no longer saw her big sister's green eyes or brown hair.

"The only difference between us." Jennet said, as she touched the glass her sister had been in.

"What are they?" Austin asked, not knowing what she was going on about, but wanting to be there for her, as she had been there for him.

"Our hair and eye colour." Jennet whispered.

"So you trust her?" Austin asked, wondering what the link between Mary and his mate was, he thought they were just friends, but they were just that... Jennet wouldn't look so heart broken at the moment.

"Of course I trust her, she my big sister, why wouldn't I trust her?"

"So let's look for Gem's fucking father."

Jennet just shock her head at him, maybe just, maybe she could get used to the swearing.


Jennet and Austin decided to go into the dungeon when they were changing guards, as to not get caught.

Jennet was disgusted by the state of it, even Austin who had fought in WWI thought it was disgusting and wasn't fit to keep animals in let alone Vampires or even... Humans for that matter.

When they found the right room, they saw a male with dark brown hair, who had seen better days. His hair looked like a three year old had cut it; scars and blood covered his skin, his clothes had cuts in them.

"You must be Gems father." Jennet said, as Austin closed the door and locked it, not that it would do much, give them a warning, yes, but not much else.

"My name is Kyrus."

"I'm Jennet."

"I'm fucking Austin."

"World War One solider." Kyrus said

"How the fuck did you know that?" Austin asked, not many people guessed right, they just thought he was violent and couldn't be trusted wasn't his fault his was changed after a bomb hit the ground near him or when he was in a major war.

"The swearing."

"That's not the point, how did you end up like this?" Jennet asked.

"Please don't give my daughter to that monster, I don't want her to go through this." Kyrus begged the two.

"We won't" Jennet told him, no one had to go through what Kyrus and Mary went through, hell one was still hiding even after almost 200 years.


When Jennet and Austin entered their room, both of their minds were made up, Marisilia wasn't getting their help anymore.

"Let's tell Mary."     

The End

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