Gem - Part SevenMature

"Hello Gem. I want to tell you something." The girl the voice belonged to was now stood in the room. She was beautiful, and not what Gem had expected. I suppose in a way she had expected something like out of a budget horror movie. She had silky brown hair, that fell around her shoulders in fine curls, moss green eyes that seemed more intense than anything she had ever seen. 

The girl smiled. Her lips were plump and full, a strange peachy colour. She wore clothes that seemed completely out of this time. She wore a flowing brown skirt that fell to the floor. It was puffed out, not showing any hint of her figure underneath the swarthy material. It was waist high. Tucked into that was a white blouse with frilly detailing on the chest, and a brooch with a small bird on it fastened to the neck. 

Gem stood there, transfixed. Everything in her screamed to back away, be it just because of the rumours she had heard as a child or something else. She couldn't though. A knock sounded at the door. Nina's muffled voice drifted through the door. "Querida? Would you like to come out to the Gardens with me?"

Mary looked at Gem, an urgent look on her face. "Tell her to leave you." It was spoken so quiet, less than a whisper. Gem looked at the girl. Looked at the door. 

"Thanks Nina, but I just want to be alone for a while." Her voice was shaky with shock. After all, she had the Bloody Mary, standing in her room.

"Is everything alright Hijo?" 

"Uh, yeah. I'm just- tired. Please leave me alone."

There was a small sigh. "As you wish." A series of thuds. She was gone.

She turned back to Mary, steeling herself. She wouldn't be a scaredy cat. Not now. "What do you want?" 

Mary laughed. It was light and musical. "She has fire in her belly. I appreciate that. Women of my time were spineless and pitiful compared to you modern women. Maybe if I had the courage you do I would have fought my Maker, instead of run from her." 

Of course, Gem had noticed the fangs when she laughed, but she still stiffened. Maximus was no she, so Mary couldn't be one of his. That was bad. "Who is your Maker?" 

Mary scowled, reluctant to say her name. "Marisilia." 

Gem practically jumped across the room. "Get away from me. Get out of here."

Mary laughed again. "Don't worry, I won't hurt you. I gave you my word."

Gem nodded. "Right." But can I trust your word? 

Mary sat down on the bed, and couldn't help but breathe a contented sigh at the feel of the soft mattress beneath her. Her world held no such splendour. "I was sent here to find out where you are, to go and tell my sister, Jennet." 

Gem stiffened. She'd heard that name before. Marisilia's Vampires, the ones who had tried to snatch her before. She replayed Maximus' warning in her head. They couldn't be trusted. They were evil. "Are you going to?"

Mary laughed again. "I do not know where we are by simply stepping into your room, I would have to ask you. If I know your Maker, he would not have divulged your exact location." 

Gem nodded. She was right. "So what do you want?" 

"To warn you. Marisilia will try everything in her power to have you. As she did to get your Father."

Gem gasped. "She has my Father?" Mary nodded. "Why are you telling me this?"

Mary shrugged, "Perhaps if you could free your Father, you could have a chance to stand against Marisilia. You, your Father and your Grandfather."

"Who's my Grandfather?" 

Mary shook her head. "If you do not know, it must be for a reason. I will not say."

Footsteps sounded up the stairs again. Mary stood up, moving to the mirror within a blink. "I must go."

"What will you do now?"

"Go and try to persuade my sister to our cause. Take care dear Gem. I hope to meet you again." She stepped into the mirror, the glass rippling like liquid as she moved through it. Gem stood, placing her hand on the cold glass. 

The door to her room flew open with a bang. Luke stood in the doorway, a thunderous expression on his face. "Who were you talking to?"

Gem gasped. "I- um-" She didn't get a chance to finish her sentence thank God, Maximus burst into the room with a snarl. Luke's arms lit up with blue flames that seemed to touch nothing but him. He screamed, patting futilely at the flames. 

Maximus shouted. "I told you to leave her be. Get out." The last word was filled with venom. As soon as Luke passed through the door, the flames died down to nothing. Maximus looked at Gem in concern. "Are you okay? What did he do to you?" 

Gem's mouth opened and closed again. "Nothing. I-" She wasn't sure whether she should tell him, but she couldn't keep it a secret. "I know where my Father is." 

The End

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