Bloody MaryMature

The world Mary lived in was one of reflections, she knew everything and almost everyone. Mary could track down a person easily, in this day and age it was hard to avoid her, since everything had glass and almost everything had a reflection.

She had been in this world; ever since she ran away from Marisilia, her and her awful ways. Mary could still remember her human years and the year she and Jennet were turned into Vampires by that horrible women.

The year was 1840, three years after Queen Victoria got the crown, three years since everything started to look up for her family. Father had gotten a better paying job, so they weren't as poor, but instead they were turned.

Sadly, Mary nor Jennet could remember what happened that day, the day everything changed or the reason behind it, but she ran into the safety of mirrors when she saw first hand Marisilia's cruelty and in turn her true colours.

"Gem." Mary said softly as the girl looked into the mirror, she didn't want to spook her, just talk.

She started to look around the room, maybe she thought someone had entered the room, it made more sense than the mirror.


"Who is that?" She asked, she was trying to find where my voice was coming from, but she would know soon enough.

"My name is Mary." She told her, Mary knew Gem's name, so it was only fair that Gem knew her name as well.

"Call me forth. Let me see you child." Mary didn't know what Gem thought about the whole thing, but it was her only chance to stop Marisilia from hurting this girl, like she did to her.

"What do you want from me?" Gem asked, good she had a backbone. It is too bad that women in her time period were taught not to have one.

"Just to talk. I am lonely." Mary sadly said, she wasn't able to talk to many people after 1890, Jennet still talked to her, but there was a chance that the bitch might find out and while Mary herself couldn't have been harmed, she could still hurt Jennet, her sweet baby sister. "I have been trapped in this world of reflections for too long." 

"How? How do I call you?" She asked... well, she must be bored if she's willing to try.

"Say my name unto the Mirror, thrice. Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary." She gasped, Mary bet Gem didn't think she was real, just some made up tale; about a girl who turns up in someone's mirror, kills them and leaves again.

"You- you can't be."

Mary wished she could deny it, but she was who she was, and no matter how much she disliked the nickname, she gained it the day she ran away, killing many being covered in their blood. Until she ran into her heaven and she couldn't be touched any longer.

"How do I know you won't harm me?"

Why would Mary harm the person, who might be the solution to saving her baby sister from the hands of mad women, the witch.

"I give you my word." 

Thumps were heard in the hallway, someone was coming up the stairs, Mary knew this had to be done quickly before she was found.

"Do it! Quickly!" Mary begged, hoping and praying to no one that this girl would hear her out.

"Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary."

Thank you, Thank you Mary thought for giving me a chance to tell my story

"Hello Gem." Mary said to the girl in front of the mirror, appearing before her "I want to tell you something."



The End

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