Gem - Part SixMature

"I'm Gem." 

"I know your name child." The beautiful looking Vampire stood up, moving away from the Piano. "Are you lost?" She shot Gem a sympathetic expression. "When I first came here. I got lost all the time. I didn't have anyone to help me. I am the first of the Master's made children. He asked me to look after you, make sure Luke didn't hassle you."

Gem smirked. "Luke? Hassle me? No he won't hassle me. He was fine on the drive here."

Nina's eyes sharpened, her face radiating distaste, "You spoke to him?" 

Gem nodded, not understanding what all the fuss was about. The guy was rude, yeah, but that was hardly cause for panic. Nina stepped forward, giving Gem an intense look, "You must stay away from him querida, he is an animal." 

A sardonic snort came from across the room, accompanied by that silky London accent, "Thanks ever so Nina darling, I'll remember the sentiment." He clapped his hand over his heart in an over the top gesture. "It pains me." He laughed, his eyes twinkling, glanced at Gem for a moment, his facial expression unreadable, and then left.

Nina had moved to stand in front of Gem, in a protective stance. She turned, looking up at Gem. It was proof of how short she really was that she had to look up at her. "I apologize for that querida. I will not let him near you again."

Gem frowned. "I like him." Her voice was quiet, afraid to upset the Vampire. Nina looked up at her with an even bigger frown.

"You shouldn't."

Gem's stomach rumbled audibly. She felt her cheeks start to flame. Nina looked up at her with a smile. "You must be hungry hijo, come with me." 

Gem followed, unable to deny her hunger. Earlier she hadn't even wanted to think about food, let alone eat it. Now though, she could eat a horse. Strange. 


Luke paced his room. Nina was right. He is an animal. He's done nothing but hurt everyone around him. Even his Maker. He relished on the pain and fear of the people he fed on, and thought Humans were lower on the food chain than rats. But this girl. This pitiful, weak, human girl, was different. 

He knew she would change soon, knew she would be a Vampire soon. He had been here when Kyrus had changed, he could smell it on her, see it in her eyes. But it wasn't that that attracted him. He didn't know what it was. Maybe because she is brave. And she is. She'd stayed lucid during the drive, spoken to him, like he was just another guy. Most women backed away from him, fear leaking from their pores. 

They didn't need to talk to him. They knew to avoid him by instinct. But Gem? She wanted to talk to him. He slumped down on his bed with a sigh. Maybe things would change tomorrow. Maybe she would start to fear him. God only knows if the others tell her enough stories about him she will. He needed her to be scared. So that he could look down on her, hate her like he hated most of her kind. 

He laid down slowly, closing his eyes. Maybe it would all be better in the morning. 


Gem woke the next morning, sure she'd been dreaming, expecting to wake up in her own room. Of course, she didn't. Hamilton would have given up on receiving her manuscript by now. She sighed. Writing had always been all she'd ever wanted to do. She sat up in bed, studying her new room in the warm morning light. 

She felt a strange tingling sensation from the tips of her toes to the crown of her head. Yet again, her stomach rumbled, yet she had eaten a mountain of food the night before. She chuckled to herself. Ham had put her plate down in front of her, and she almost gasped at the amount of food on it, but had managed to polish it all off anyway. 

She dressed quickly, in a similar combo to the day before, but black instead. She traipsed slowly down the stairs and made her way into the dining room. She walked in, looked around, and gasped. Nina, Maximus, Luke and two other Vampires sat at the table, Sunlight streaming onto their faces.

She sat down in a daze. They can walk around in the Sun? Maximus chuckled at her expression, motioning for Ham to serve her her breakfast. "You looked shocked dear." 

Gem grimaced. "You noticed that, huh? I- I guess I thought that- you being Vampires and all- you wouldn't be up during the day."

Nina laughed, "Nothing but a myth querida. Sunlight cannot harm us. Only a silver stake through the heart can do that." 

"Oh." Gem looked down at her plate, stomach growling again. She dug in, eating quickly, until she noticed the two other Vampires looking at her. She looked up. "Sorry. I'm just- really hungry." 

Maximus smiled, "An effect of the change dear, your body is preparing." 

Gem nodded, still eating. 

Maximus gestured to the other two Vampires. "These are my other children, that reside here. Their names are Kale-" The one with the blond floppy hair nodded with a grin. 

"Pleased to meet ya'" He had a smooth American accent. 

"-and Simon." The other, brown hair cut into a generic style, black rimmed glasses perching on his nose, put his hand up. 


I nodded with a smile. "Hi, I'm Gem."


Breakfast was pleasant, when I'd gotten used to the fact that I was the only one eating. I'd ate two large servings, and finally felt full. I was at a kind of loss at what to do with myself. I went back up to my room.

I was sitting in front of the mirror, studying myself, looking for any physical signs of this change, when I heard a soft feminine voice. 


I looked around. There was no one there. 


"Who is that?" Gem felt stupid, like she was just hearing things.

"My name is Mary."

Did I just imagine that? Gem thought to herself. 

"Call me forth. Let me see you child." 

Sounded a little too horror movie to Gem. Call the big bad thing that she couldn't see. That couldn't possibly end well. "What do you want from me?" 

"Just to talk. I am lonely." The voice sounded sad. "I have been trapped in this world of reflections for too long." 

"How? How do I call you?" Gem knew it probably wasn't a good idea, but she was bored. Plus, in a house full of Vampires, she had to be safe. Sort of.

"Say my name unto the Mirror, thrice. Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary."

Gem gasped. No way. This couldn't be the real Bloody Mary. Could it? "You- you can't be." There was no reply. "How do I know you won't harm me?"

The voice rang out again, making Gem jump. "I give you my word." 

Gem sighed, looking into the Mirror. She heard a series of thumps outside her door, like someone coming up the stairs. The voice rang out, "Do it! Quickly!"

"Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary."

The End

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