Jennet and Austin Part FiveMature

Jennet had left Austin in their bedroom, to do whatever it is he does when she's not looking. Entering the simple white bathroom, she was looking for the mirror, one of the only ways she could talk to Mary.

"Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary." Jennet said to the mirror, knowing full well that it would work, Marisilia didn't know this and Jennet wasn't in a big hurry to tell her.

"Hello, dear sister." Mary said, forever stuck in a body of an eighteen year, much like how her sister would forever be physically sixteen.

"Hello Mary." Jennet said to her older sister.

Jennet and Mary were created at the same time, by the same person, in the early years of the Victorian time period. They were almost looked like twins, expect Mary was a bit taller and had Moss Green eyes, that was the only way to tell the two apart.

"Is there something you need?" Mary asked her little sister, she was worried about her "Do I have to rip Austin apart?"

"No." Jennet quickly said "It's not that, it's just Maker needs Austin and I to find a human child, but I don't know where is she, we've got three days at the most to find her."

"Three days, I know that bitch was crazy, but not that crazy." Mary shouted, there was a reason she left all those years ago, staying in the mirrors, far too scared to come out.

"Yes, I can make a plan in that time, but make a plan and carry it out in that amount time would be far too hard, and if I could it'll have more holes in it than mother's gloves." Jennet cried "We'll be caught and heavens knows what they'll do to us."


Marisilia went to a cell in the dungeon, dark little blocks that stopped Vampires at being at their full strength or use any kind of magic, she had learned from Mary and wouldn't have a repeat performance.

"Hello, Kyrus." She said, looking at the male who was a bit worse for wear and had seen better days "It's not polite to ignore a lady."

Again, he didn't answer her, he knew what her sick game was, he wanted no part in it, the only thing he could so was bit his tongue and wait until his father could find him. Kyrus could only hope that his daughter was okay.

"Sorry, little boy, but daddy's not coming." She mocked, knowing that he still had the silly believe that his father was going to find him, even after three years.

"You're wrong." Kyrus said, he knew his father was still looking for him.

"He doesn't even know where you are." Marisilia hissed "But that's not why I'm here you're da..."

"I don't have a daughter." Kyrus yelled, lying through his teeth.

"Birth records don't lie, but Vampires do." Marisilia hissed at him, showing him her fangs.

"I'll never tell you anything."

"It doesn't matter; Jennet and Austin will get your daughter." Marisilia said a smug smile on her face.

"Does the child know what you're doing." Kyrus asked her.

"No she doesn't; all she is, is a puppet, a tool." Marisilia said.

"You say that about you're own child." Kyrus hissed at her.

"She is not my child, she is merely a tool, and nothing more." Marisilia told him, in fact in the many she had created she didn't see many of them as her children; only tools, ones that she can get rid of when they were of no use.

"Your a monster." Kyrus yelled at her, Marisilia slapped his face and left the room, not turning to Kyrus to deny what he was saying.


"So you need my help to find this girl?" Mary asked after Jennet told her what was going on.

"Yes." Jennet conforming that she needed help to find this human child.

"Who has her?" Mary asked "Or maybe you don't know who has her."

"No, I know and it's Maximus." Jennet said, as she played with her fingers.

"I'll do it, it's for you my precise little sister, that and it's a challenge." Mary said, excitement in her eyes.

"Yes, big sis a challenge and thank you for helping us." Jennet told her, a relived smile on her face.

"Don't worry little sis; I'll get the information that you need." Mary told her, with that her imagine faded.

Walking back into the room, Jennet saw that Austin was taking a nap.

Jennet sat on the bed and played with his dark hair. Bending down to whisper in his ear. 



"Mary's going to get the information that we need." 

The End

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