Gem - Part FiveMature

Gem stood, boredom, worry and fear burdening her. She walked around the room, brushing her fingers along the dusty old furniture. When the door creaked open, she jumped and whirled around. The little old butler was stood in the doorway. He nodded his head deeply, almost bending at the waist. "Apologies Ma'am, I didn't mean to frighten you."

"You didn't. I- I'm just a little jumpy."

Ham replied with a small twist of his lips, "Understandable Ma'am, I-"

"Please, call me Gem." 

Ham nodded, feeling a little uncomfortable. He never called anyone by their given names. It was unheard of for someone of his station. "Yes Ma'am. Sorry. Gem. I'm here to show you to your room."

Gem gestured towards the door, "Lead the way."

Ham walked slowly up the stairs, making sure the girl was behind him. It was easy for one to get lost in a big old house like this one. He took her to the third room on the left. The same room that was always given to the newly made. I suppose this one is a little different, being born and not made. Ham thought to himself. I remember when he Father went through the same thing. 

Ham had been alive a great deal of time. Having been drinking a shot of the Master's blood at least once a week. It kept him alive and healthy, like it had for the last two hundred years. It was a privilege to have been chosen to be the Master's servant. 

Ham opened the door, ushering Gem inside. Gem looked around herself in awe. It was, beautiful. Everything in the room coordinated, deep reds and golds everywhere. There was a large Oak double four poster bed in the middle of the room. The furniture matched it. Ham strode to the large armoire, pulling open the doors with a flourish. 

"The Master was aware that you may not have been able to get clothes before you left. He sent one of his children shopping for you. I hope you like them."

Gem smiled, stepping forward to peruse the contents of the cupboard. Everything was in her style. An abundance of skinny jeans, in a range of colours. Strappy tank tops, sleeveless vests. Best of all, a stack of steelie boots, in lots of different colours. "This is, perfect. How did they know what I like?" 

"The Master has been watching you for many years, waiting for you to grow up, so that he could find you." He said this in such a way, that you would think that was just the normal thing to do. Not stalkerish at all. 

Gem sat down on the bed abruptly. The knowledge shocked her. This man, Vampire, had been watching her her entire life. Ham, oblivious to Gem's inner turmoil, opened another door on the side of the room, revealing an ensuite bathroom dripping with luxury and splendour. "This your personal washroom." He moved towards the door, "I will leave you alone now. The Master requested I organise a meal for you. I will prepare your dinner for an hour from now."

Gem nodded, staring blankly. I can't even think about food right now. She didn't say it. She felt it would be rude. Ham left the room, closing the door quietly behind him. 


Maximus sat in his chair, brooding. It had been many years since he had had to help one of his ilk with the change. Kyrus should have been there. She was his daughter, this was supposed to be his responsibility. It could go fatally wrong. Most of the time it did. Maximus had been around for a few centuries, and in that time he had bred with many human women. Tried to create many born Vampires. 

Male Vampires bodies are capable of reproduction, but only with human women. Most didn't possess the control not to kill their beau during the act. The prevalence of such a strong emotion as lust, made it harder to control themselves. Female Vampires can become pregnant, but will always miscarry. Their womb being a hostile environment to their unborn child. 

He was lost in his own thoughts, lost in memories of his lost children, when the room to his study banged open, air gushing through the room. Luke, strode in, face like thunder. Ham followed after, scurrying frantically behind Luke. He looked over at Maximus apologetically, "I'm sorry Sir. I told him you were not to be disturbed."

Maximus smiled, "It's alright, old friend. Leave us, tend to your duties." Ham nodded, bowing low before scurrying back out of the room. Maximus looked to Luke, his expression hard, "What is the meaning of this Luke?" 

"Where is the girl?"

Maximus' eyebrows rose. "I think you forget your position dear child. You should remember it with haste." It was a subtle warning. The boy knew how he should speak to his Maker, but maybe he needed reminding. 

Luke bowed a small bow, "Sorry Master. I just, I feel-" He stopped. These emotions were confusing to him. Luke had always maintained a healthy dose of absence of emotion when it came to humans. "Concerned for her." 

Maximus smiled. Luke, one of the coldest of his ilk, was concerned for his Grandchild? "Like her, do you?" 

Luke looked away. No. Yes. Do I? He almost snarled with frustration. He didn't like being burdened with these feelings, feelings he no longer understood. 

Maximus' voice rang out, power reverberating around the room. "You will not touch her. Nor talk to her. Understood?" 

Luke's head jerked in the direction of his Maker. He knew that he meant what he's said, the power still tingling through his body was a testament to that. "Yes Master." Luke walked from the room slowly. Why does that bother me?


Gem walked down the stairs slowly, still running a towel through her wet hair. It was a tinged shade of red, that seemed bright crimson when it was wet. She got to the bottom of the stairs, and almost walked straight into Luke. "Sorry, I didn't see you there." He didn't say anything. Just stared at her a moment and walked away. For a second, she almost felt self conscious in her red tank top and light blue skinny jeans. She'd found a bright red pair of Docs to match. 

She shook her head, wandering off through the house. She had no idea where she was going, but surely she would bump into someone who could point her in the right direction. She was walking in a large old living room, when she heard a beautiful melody being played on a piano. 

She followed the sound, finding herself in what she would guess would be called a drawing room. Sitting at a Grand Piano, fingers flowing along the keys at a speed so fast her fingers blurred, was a small woman, with deep brown hair, twisted into an elegant bun. She wore a floor length dress, that hugged her figure, showing off her curves. She looked up with a smile as Gem walked in. Her eyes were a piercing shade of blue.

"You must be Gem. The Master told me you were coming. My name is Nina." She had a distinct Spanish accent. She smiled, revealing her fangs. Of course, she's a Vampire. Thought Gem, Who around here isn't. 

The End

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