Jennet and Austin Part fourMature

"So what the fuck is this bloodline?" Austin asked Jennet, who was leaning over a large binder, that someone would have thought she wouldn't be able to pick up, at the desk in their bedroom, not that they needed to sleep, it was just nice.

"Sadly, I only little bits of the bloodline, it's hard to find information when the only people who know all about are the ones that have it." Jennet stated, she always hated the fact that she didn't know a lot about the bloodline, as it was powerful.

"Then what the fuck do you know?" Austin tired asking again, anything to get that look off his mate's face.

"The bloodline belongs to Vlad Tepesh, or his the fonder of it, as his one of the only known Vampire with Pyrokenesis." Jennet told him, this was all she knew about the bloodline "And apparently it's strong magic, but I find it hard to believe that a human child would have this."

"Who the fuck is this 'Vlad' forget about this fucking 'Gem' and tell me the fuck he is." Austin said, titling his head to the right.

Jennet sighed as she hit him over the head "People know him as Dracula."

"Dracula... are you trying to fucking pull my leg, Dracula is a fucking myth from a stupid human book." Austin yelled, waving his hands above his head in annoyance.

"Austin... you really are stupid." Jennet stated as she went back to her planning she didn't have much time to do this.

"The fuck woman." Austin snapped, kicking a log; which Jennet had put in the room for that exact reason.

"Austin, we must focus on the matter at hand, we don't have much time to plan this."

"So how much fucking time do we have." Austin growled, almost having it with the riddles.

"We have three days at most, of her scent was anything to go by." Jennet calmly said, thinking of the places they would keep her.

"The fuck..."

"Austin, is that your answer for everything?" Jennet snapped, almost reaching her boiling point.

"Three fucking days."

"Yes, Austin three days."

"That's not a lot of fucking time." Austin said, sitting on the bed, planning wasn't his thing, but Jennet was going to need help if she was going to get this done in three days.

"Yes, which mean we need to start planning, I was also thinking of getting Mary to help."

"You want help from fucking Bloody Mary!!" Austin yelled, that girl always freaked him out, no matter what she did. 

"Yes, I can't get this done in three days and you're too stupid to be any help." Jennet sighed, knowing his fear of the tiny girl, but she also find it funny.

"I guess it's fucking time to get the mirror." Austin sighed.

"Yes, that's very true."

The End

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