Gem - Part FourMature

Gem laughed, she couldn't help it. "Dracula? The Dracula? You don't expect me to believe that do you?" She looked over at Max, still smiling, but when she saw the stony expression on his face, her smile dropped. "You're serious. Aren't you?"

"I'm afraid so. This may be a lot to take in, I understand if you need some time alone. Ham will show you to your room."

"My room? I'm staying here?" 

He nodded, "Yes child, for your own protection. Your Father is mine, you are his. By default, it makes you mine too. Since you're Father is not around to look after you, I will."

"Is he- is he dead?"

Maximus laughed. "No dear one, he isn't. If he were, I would have felt it, a gut wrenching pain so bad as to bring me to my knees. That hasn't happened yet. Not for him anyway."

"What about my Mother? I have to contact her. She'll be worried sick."

Maximus shook his head almost imperceptibly, "No. I'm afraid you can't. She never knew about any of this, and if you told her, she wouldn't believe you. Stubborn woman."

Gem stayed silent for a moment. Her Mother would be frantic with worry by now. She still couldn't really believe this was all happening. "When will it happen? The change?" 

Maximus took in a long, deep breath. He could smell it on her, the impending change. She smelt of human, with a little dash of Vampire. He had only ever dealt with one other Vampire like her. Her Father. His Son. Maximus had learned many years ago, he could not bestow the powers of his ancestor onto his made children. Only his children born human, could carry it on. 

Luke for instance, would never possess the abilities he could, or that Gem would be able to, even though it was Maximus' blood that animated him. 

"From the smell of it, tomorrow, maybe the next day. You should prepare. It will be a hard and gruelling process." He stood and moved to the door in one fast, fluid movement. "For now, I must leave you. I will send Ham to show you to your room." 

He left, leaving Gem reeling at all the new information. Tomorrow. She would change tomorrow. Change forever. 

The End

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