Jennet and Austin Part 2Mature

Austin was driving down the highway, he was going at a speed that was almost double the speed limit, Jennet sat in the back not really caring about the speed of his driving or the style of which he was doing it.

"I think you should tell her." Jennet said, her hand going through her thick blonde hair.

"Why the fuck should I?"

"Gentleman don't make Lady's do all the work." Jennet told him, giving him a pointed glare.

"How the fuck did you do all the work?" Austin asked, this women and her love for riddles, seriously she confuses him more than she made sense.

"I was the one to talk to the girls mother, found out her name, I was also the one who worked out who took her."

"Fine, I'll fucking do it, you Victorians always like this?" Austin asked, since he was born a few years after the Victorian time period, and he wasn't born in Britain.

"Yes, it was common in my time period." Jennet said, not caring that Austin didn't get what she was talking about, it was fun to mess with his head.

"Weirdo, but anyway why the hell do I tell the boss."

"For starters don't swear; you know she hates it more than I do, being older helps that, and secondly don't lie, half the time I think she can smell lies on people." Jennet said, in a tone one would use with a child who didn't understand something.

"The fuck is it with women and swearing, don't talk to me like I'm a child."

"You're younger than I am, therefor a child, and just because you grew up in a time where swearing was more acceptable; doesn't mean you have to use it." 

The two drove into the drive way of the boss' Early Victorian mansion, it was a big and pretty building and would have stopped most people in their tracks, but they had seen it before.

"Hello Jennet... Austin." The human butler, William said.

"Hello, dear William I'm sad to say that we come baring bad news." Jennet told the old man.

"Mistress isn't going to be happy to hear that." William had a way of just telling it how it was, the only reason he's survived so long.

"But of course not dear..."

"When can we go fucking inside already."

"Young man watch your language." William said, shaking his head when will he learn.

"I'm old enough to be you grandfather, so don't 'young man' me." Austin said, ticked off first Jennet treats him like a child, now the butler.

With that Jennet grabbed Austin's hand, dragging him into the meeting room.

"I'll get the boss." William said, as he left with a bow to the two, well not with out shotting Austin a look that said 'why can't you be more like her'

"Please, that would be lovely. Goodbye dear William." Jennet told the old man, who she had known since he was a child.

"The fuck..."


"So, what the fuck do we do now?" Austin asked, ignoring Jennet's warning about his language.

"Tell her the truth." Jennet said, she had a feeling she was the one who was going to have to do the talking, well if she wanted to keep Austin alive that is, she may hate his swearing, but she didn't want her mate dead.

"What then."

"More likely than not, we'll have to get the girl back."

"So we start planning."



The End

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